Minecraft Mutant Creatures Mod Download

minecraft mutant mod download

The minecraft mutant mobs mod adds a whole lot of mutated creatures for you to do battle with. Each of the mutants has super powers, additional abilities and the general ability to turn your game upside down with wicked vicious mechanics like have never seen before. If you thought original Endermen were bad, try the mutant Enderman with a hundred hearts. That’s right. A hundred hearts. Killing him is a week long event.

minecraft mutant enderman mod

Mutant skeletons are also no joke. They only have 75 hearts, but they can shoot arrows through solid matter, so that’s a problem, and they can smack you into next week too. So, you know, be careful.

And then there’s the mutant zombie. The mutant zombie can perform a melee attack which will take you down a peg or two. Actually, it will take you down twelve hearts. And that’s just the beginning of the beginning of the beginning…

Download the updated Minecraft Mutant Creatures mod here!

You Will Die, Minecraft Roguelike Mod

minecraft roguelike download

Minecraft starts to get too easy after a while, doesn’t it? If you’re looking for a proper challenge, download and install You Will Die, a Roguelike mod which adds a bunch of danger to the game, as well as actual goals and disadvantages. This mod creates a much greater level of challenge by hamstringing the player in some ways, whilst providing the occasional high stat weapon and useful potion along the way. It’s like carrot and stick, except its mostly sticks.

The Minecraft Roguelike mod also includes new crafting recipes for traps, including a spike trap, a flame trap, and a smoke trap. You will fall into these with delightful regularity, but you can also craft them to fall into later when you’ve forgotten about them.

What’s The Advantage of Disadvantages?

Elementary, my dear elementalist. Having disadvantages, like say, a 50% increase in creeper spawn rates in a world makes life more interesting. It also makes meeting the challenge condition a great deal more challenging. You thought finding a baker’s dozen of diamonds was easy? Hah! Try it when every dark nook and cranny is home to a spawning plenthora of creepers.

Download You Will Die Mod for Minecraft

Dynmap Minecraft Multiplayer Map Mod

minecraft online map mod download

Want one of those Google Maps style maps for your minecraft world? You’ve come to the right place. Dynmap creates an online minecraft map of your world, searchable and viewable by anyone who has access to it. This brilliant minecraft map mod allows for real time updating as long as you have the browser window open whilst you are playing your map. It even maps player locations as the game is played (not so useful if you’re trying to hide from a well-geared PvPer.)

How To Install Dynmap

More Dynmap Installation Information!

Minecraft Ship Mod

minecraft pirate ship download*

Finally, a minecraft mod that allows you to design and build your very own ship. Sail and fly into the sunset with Archimedes’ Ship mod, made by modder BalkondeurAlpha. Sailable ships, as opposed to little blocky boats have been on many minecrafters’ wish lists for a long time now. And finally their call has been answered. Ships created using this mod are considered ‘moveable chunks’, which can be piloted across the minecraft seas. Build anything from luxury pleasurecraft to great sailing ships. One could even live on a boat if one so desired. Or create a floating city. The only limit, as usual, is your imagination.

*The pirate ship pictured in this post is a downloadable ship, which can be found at this link. With a few adjustments you could turn this static vessel into the terror of the high seas.

Top Five Minecraft Mods Of All Time

Ever wondered which minecraft mods were the most popular? Which mods you really just have to have? This article looks at some of the most downloaded mods for minecraft, which have been downloaded a cumulative 1234,979 times! (And yes, in spite of almost hitting a straight there, that’s the real number of downloads these mods had at the time of writing.) In editing this article, I chose the mods most likely to make playing minecraft more fun and fulfilling, whether that’s by adding a bit of bedroom furniture, making navigation simpler or blasting off into outerspace.

Zan’s Minimap Mod

minimap mod for minecraft

This mod adds a small circular minimap to the Minecraft GUI, allowing a player to see where they are relative to a larger view of the world. Zan’s Minimap mod now comes standard in many minecraft modpacks and also supports waypoints, allowing you to designate tags for certain areas and buildings in a minecraft map. With over 497,129 downloads, this is a MUST HAVE minecraft mod.

Herobrine Mod

minecraft herobrine mod download

Herobrine is a minecraft legend. A dark and evil anti-Steve, Herobrine looks like any default player – but for his blank, empty eyes. The Herobrine mod adds Herobrine to the game, turning a normal minecraft experience into a terrifying flight from an eyeless man who sets traps in order to destroy you, ruins your buildings and generally makes you feel as if you’ve chosen to live in the darkest timeline possible. 262,527 minecrafters are currently fleeing Herobrine in complete terror.

For a related minecraft map download, why not try Herobrine’s Return, an adventure map.

Mr Crayfish’s Minecraft Furniture Mod

minecraft furniture mod download

Vanilla minecraft contains no furniture at all, but this furniture mod contains everything from couches to bird baths. Make your minecraft house a minecraft home with this Forge compatible mod, which has already been downloaded more than 241,499 times.

Already featured on Top of the Mods, other very popular minecraft mods include:

The Minecraft Camping Mod (With more than 107,212 downloads.)

camping minecraft mod

Galacticraft Minecraft Space Mod (T-126,612 downloads and counting!)

space mod

My Wolf Is Lava | Minecraft Wolves+

wolves+ mod

Wolves were without a doubt one of the best mobs ever to be added to minecraft. Finally you could tame a canine friend (who, in the early days would happily leap into lava as happily as water.) But with time, Wolves have become less relevant to the average minecrafter. They sit around, making doggy noises and occasionally floating heart balloons into the air. But what if you want more from your wolf or dog? What if you want a wolf made of lava? This is the mod you need.

Minecraft Power Tools Mod | Minecraft Digging Machines and Tunneling Tools

The power tools mod creates several new minecraft machines, including drills and bores capable of creating big holes in the fraction of the time you can do so with your shoveling square hands. There’s no auger as yet, but that’s because there’s not much call for post holes in minecraft.

Tools include:

The Shaft Drill

minecraft shaft drill mod

A drill which will create a 1x2x2 shaft, perfect for establishing new mines with a rapid quickness.

Minecraft Mini-Me Mod | Minecraft Pets

mini-me mod minecraft

The mod creator calls this a ‘Buddy Pet Mod’ but this is definitely a minecraft Mini-me mod. The mod creates a small version of you – a mini-you to run around in your minecraft game with you. Your mini-me spawns when you do, logs off when you do and runs about the world much the same as you do. If you don’t want to lose your mini-me, you can right click to wear him or her on your head. It makes total sense.

If you don’t want to run around with a miniature version of yourself, but do want a pet, you can change what your mini-me looks like. This is where the pet buddy part of the mod comes in. It is possible to have your mini-me incarnate as any minecraft mob. So you can have a minecraft pet spider, pet pig, pet skeleton, pet enderman, pet bat, pet villager or pet (insert minecraft mob name here).

Minecraft Mini-Me Pet Mod Download Link

Novamenu, Better Minecraft Menu / GUI

minecraft novamenu prettier menu mod

If you find minecraft’s menus and GUIs to be a little on the ugly and not terribly useful side (perhaps especially since texture packs were shoved into an in-game sub-menu) then you’ll love Novamenu. Novamenu is designed to make Minecraft’s menus much more pleasant to look at. It makes heavy use of transparency to give minecraft a more updated feel. In fact, in many ways it reminds me of the Skyrim UI mod which was released to give PC players a more usable interface. Novamenu is designed to work with the Forge API and is a core mod.

Novamenu Download Link

Bibliocraft, Minecraft Book and Storage Mod

Bibliocraft Minecraft Mod Download

It’s time to start the print revolution in minecraft. Bilbiocraft takes minecraft publishing to a whole new level, introducing the printing press and changing the way books work forever. Or at least until you uninstall the mod.

Originally little more than a book storage mod, Bibliocraft’s base purpose is to provide you with more places to put your books. The Bilbioocraft bookcase can store sixteen books to a shelf, and the Bibliocraft desk can store nine books. (more…)

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