Shut Up Advisors, Sim City 4 Adviser Muting Mod

sim city 4 advisor mod Are you tired of your Sim City 4 advisers constantly harassing you with so called ‘advice’ that is at best useless and at worst, damaging?

Shut Up Advisors is a Sim City 4 mod which silences the most annoying advisers. Ironically, the traffic adviser is one of the ones you get to keep – mostly because he does his job with a semblance of ability.

The Finance Minister will no longer bother you with messages regarding the impending financial doom of your city.

The Safety Minister will no longer extol the virtues of fire and police services – because you don’t need them anyway!

You will still get warnings when something actually bursts into flames, or in the case of pipes, actually just bursts.

Download this Sim City 4 Advisor Mod!

Sim City 4 NAM 31.1 Mod Released

sc4 nam mod
An update to the very populate Network Addon Mod for Sim City four has been released as of the 17th of April. This new NAM for SC4 fixes several issues that had been plaguing NAM 31, including the crashing that was affecting some players attempting to use the mod.

NAM 31.1 for Sim City 4 is now much more stable, and also includes fixes for SC 4 Transit Stations, Road turning lanes and more.

For those new to the Network Addon Mod, or who would like to know a little more about this player made mod for Sim City 4 which has made the game playable for well over a decade, check out this NAM retrospective.

Sim City 4 NAM mod update download on ModDB

Click here for full information on SC4 NAM 31.1 and download!

Sim City 4 Cheat Mod: Infinite Money, No Power, No Water and More!

This, aside from the NAM mod, is the most useful Sim City 4 mod of all time. This extra cheats mod adds cheats that allow you to set your treasury to whatever amount of simoleons you like (effectively creating an infinite money cheat), to turn off both power and water requirements for buildings, to change your town’s name, to enable God Mod tools,

All you need to do to install this mod is download a simple plugin, put it in the plugins folder, and then start your game. It couldn’t be easier, and the results couldn’t be more better. If you’re tired of seeing your Sim cities running at a constant deficit just because you gave the people water and schools, this is the plugin you need. It does speed up the game considerably, and yes, it removes some of the challenge, but if you’ve been playing long enough to want this mod, then you’ve probably enjoyed all the ‘challenge’ the game has to offer.

sim city extra cheats mod
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