Skyrim Fletching Mod – How To Make Your Own Skyrim Arrows

skyrim arrow making mod

One of the more frustrating Skyrim mechanics is the fact that arrows have to be either found in dungeons or bought from vendors, who usually have pitifully small amounts in their inventory. With the Arrowsmith Skyrim Mod, you can actually craft your own arrows at forges, using firewood, chicken feathers and ingots of the requisite material. Glass arrows, for instance, can be crafted with Refined Moonstone and Refined Malachite. One ingot of each, plus fletchings and two pieces of firewood will provide you with fifty arrows.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having crafted an Epic Glass Bow, but skulking around using iron or Ancient Nord arrows which do pathetic amounts of damage. Really, Arrowsmith is a mod that should have been included in the base game. It has quickly become one of my favorite Skyrim mods because it means I can gear up properly before heading out into the more challenging dungeons.

The Arrowsmith mod comes in Dawnguard and Vanilla editions

Check out Arrowsmith on Nexus, also available through the Steam Workshop.

The creator of the mod has also provided directions on how to make your very own fletching recipes over here.

Helgen Reborn, Skyrim Quest Mod

helgen rebon skyrim free DLC

Your Skyrim journey began in Helgen and as you fled the ruins you might have thought you would never return. But with this quest mod from Mike Hancho you can return to Helgen and help rebuild the town. With an additional five hours of seriously new Skyrim gameplay you can enjoy a quest line that makes a real difference in the world of Skyrim. In addition to a new quest, you’ll also gain access to three new sets of armor and a place to display a great many of your Skyrim treasures. This is the perfect mod for anyone who has ever thought that Skyrim was just too shallow to be truly immersive. With twenty new voice acted characters, this is more than a mod, this is essentially Free Skyrim DLC.

Helgen Reborn Skyrim Quest Download

Dragonblood Skyrim Perk Points Mod

skyrim dragon blood mod

Once you kill your first Skyrim dragon you’ll find yourself beset with dragons every time you step out of the house. It often seems as if one can’t go ten minutes in Skyrim without being attacked by a dragon – so wouldn’t it be nice if you got more from killing a dragon than just heavy bones and scales?

The Dragonblood Perk Points mod adds a new mechanic to the game. Now when you kill a dragon, you’ll sometimes also receive a vial of dragonblood. Drink it to gain one perk point which can be used to boost any of your skills.  This works with vanilla skills and custom skill trees alike.

Check out the Dragonblood mod on the Skyrim Workshop!

Skyrim Ocarina of Time Mod

skyrim ocarina of time mod

Ever wish you could just take a moment away from slaying dragons and play your Ocarina? This Skyrim mod adds a functional Ocarina from the Zelda series.

Ocarina Powers

Play any of the songs below, located in the ‘powers’ tab to get the following effects:

*Epona’s Song- Calls ‘Epona’. Makes your horse come to you, or summons one if you’re temporarily in between horses.
*Goron Lullaby- Makes hostile mobs and people chill out and stop attacking you.
*Saria’s Song- Musters animal mobs and turns them into a feral army fighting on your side.
*Song of Healing- Out of health, magicka or stamina? Not anymore!
*Song of Storms- The song of storms creates a thunderstorm. The cold won’t be good for the crops. Never is.
*Song of Time- Slow time and take it easy.
*Sun’s Song- Turn those gray skies blue – oh and kill any undead creatures nearby.
*Zelda’s Lullaby- Open any lock in the game. Any lock at all. For ten seconds.

Skyrim Enemy AI Mod | Smarter Skyrim Enemies

skyrim harder enemies mod

If you’ve ever felt that the mobs in Skyrim were just a little too stupid for their own good, then this mod will provide you with the challenge you’ve been seeking. Instead of sort of vaguely flailing at you when you’re in range, Skyrim enemies will now use a greater range of weapons, strikes and spells against you. Ever found it strange how a high level magic foe would only, say, blast you with ice for a little bit whilst you went choppy chop with your OP chopper? Well now you’ll find yourself taking the brunt of a full range of spells and attacks. Much like you did in the infamous Oblivion Arena of yore.

Check out the Enhanced Enemy AI Mod on Skyrim Nexus!

Riverwood Pet Shop | Skyrim Pet Mod

skyrim pet baby dragon mod

Have you ever thought Charuses were kind of cute when they weren’t slicing through your steel armor with their mandibles? Ever wanted one as a pet? The Riverwood Pet shop will provide you with an adorable Chaurus named Cheerio. Cherio will fight loyally by your side, striking heart into the fears of anyone who doesn’t like creepycrawlies.

But the best pet in the Riverwood Pet Shop, by a country mile is the pet baby dragon, Aragorn. Aragorn can’t fly yet and sometimes he has trouble following you on account of his unweildy body and wings, but Aragorn will destroy anyone who dares come near you quite effectively. In fact, you can probably turn your game of Skyrim into a butterfly hunting expedition with no concern for your own personal safety.

These pets and their vendor can be found at the little pet shop just outside Riverwood.

To get this mod and your own pet dragon, search ‘Riverwood Pet Shop‘ in the Skyrim Workshop.

Oblivinauts, A Skyrim Modular Mini Game

oblivinauts skyrim mod download

Oblivinauts is a mod which effectively re-engineers Skyrim, adding new maps, new stories and many new quests to the game. When you play Oblivinauts, you’re no longer playing Skyrim. Tamriel has gone away to be replaced with something much more interesting. (And let’s face it, once you’ve lived through one dragon attack at Helgen, you’ve lived through them all.) Oblivinauts bills itself as a modular mini game. It uses the .esp mod file system to create an entire new game experience for players who are tired of Skyrim’s snowy wastelands.

Skyrim Water Walking Boots (Zelda’s Hover Boots In Skyrim)

skyrim water walking boots mod download

What’s more useful than a pair of boots? A pair of boots that allows you to walk on water, of course! These water walking boots for Skyrim are based on the boots from the Zelda franchise. The only difference? They look like proper Nord boots, not like Zelda boots. These enchanted Skyrim boots give you water walking powers, as well as reduce fall damage and muffle movement. The perfect boots for a budding sneak thief!

Download Hover Boots for Skyrim!

Skyrim Playable Werebear Mod

skyrim wearbear mod

Do you wish you could play as one of the werebears from the Dragonborn DLC? Who doesn’t right? Werebears are dangeroys and befanged, with all the remorseless power of a bere, combined with human intelligence. They are nothing like Care Bears (although a Skyrim Care Bear mod is something I would pay money to see.)

Skyrim Werewold / Werebear Virus Outbreak!

The Moonlight Tales mod not only adds playable wearbears to the game, it also adds several new werewolf skins and a bunch of new werebeast mechanics to the game. With this mod, you can bite NPCs and turn them into werecreatures. Bite any NPC and they will become infected with either Sanies Lupinus (the werewolf disease) or Sanies Ursius (the werebear disease). After three days of festering, they will become a werecreature capable of turning other NPCs into were creatures as well.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Armor! Skyrim TMNT Armor Mod

TMNT armor for skyrim ninja turtles

Heroes in a half-shell!

Want your Argonian Skyrim character to become a teenage mutant ninja turtle? I thought so. The popularity of Argonians is about to go through the roof with this mod that adds Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Armor into Skyrim. (Note, the armor works with all races, but looks just a little silly – which could easily be part of the fun.)

human ninja turtles skyrim

Once you’ve installed the TMNT armor (easily done with the Nexus Mod Manager), you can go to any forge to craft it. Patterns are found in the Daedric armor section, so I hope you’ve leveled your smithing! (It sort of helps that the default dragon bone armor makes a player look a lot like Shredder.)

How To Craft Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Armor

The ninja mask is easily crafted by anyone who wants a little ninja turtle in their lives, requiring just one linen wrap. (Finally! A use for all those linen wraps left in Dragur infested dungeons!)

The turtle armor itself is made from one dragon bone, two dragon scales and a couple of line strips, giving you a use for all those extra dragon bones and scales that inevitably end up cluttering every storage container and surface in Breezehome.

Turtle power!

Download Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Armor for Skyrim!

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