Riverwood Pet Shop | Skyrim Pet Mod

skyrim pet baby dragon mod

Have you ever thought Charuses were kind of cute when they weren’t slicing through your steel armor with their mandibles? Ever wanted one as a pet? The Riverwood Pet shop will provide you with an adorable Chaurus named Cheerio. Cherio will fight loyally by your side, striking heart into the fears of anyone who doesn’t like creepycrawlies.

But the best pet in the Riverwood Pet Shop, by a country mile is the pet baby dragon, Aragorn. Aragorn can’t fly yet and sometimes he has trouble following you on account of his unweildy body and wings, but Aragorn will destroy anyone who dares come near you quite effectively. In fact, you can probably turn your game of Skyrim into a butterfly hunting expedition with no concern for your own personal safety.

These pets and their vendor can be found at the little pet shop just outside Riverwood.

To get this mod and your own pet dragon, search ‘Riverwood Pet Shop‘ in the Skyrim Workshop.

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