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The Sims 3 is a modder’s paradise! This section of the site will grow slowly and surely over time, just like an Outstanding Quality carrot!

Moar Interactions Sims 3 Mod

sims 3 moar interactions mod download

Do you ever get bored with your sims only being able to do the same interactions over and over again? Sick of ‘getting to know’ ‘chatting’ ‘discuss weather’? Moar Interactions is a Sims 3 mod that adds a whole bunch of new interactions to your sim’s lives. It also upgrades the effects of some old interactions, for instance, choosing to eat out at a venue will result in increase friendship levels for sims in a group or pair.

New interactions include:

Asked To Be Trained (Athleticism)
Work Overtime
Work Part time
Stock Fridge
Collect All Clothes on Lot

and more!

Get the Moar Interactions Sims 3 Mod download here!

Hire A Sims 3 Gardener Mod

gardener service sims 3 mod download

Anybody who has ever had a gardening sim knows that maintaining even a small Sims 3 garden is pretty much a full time job. This is one of my personal favorite mods, because it allows you to hire a gardener to come and tend your sim’s garden so that your sim can do other things, like have time to sleep and eat! The gardener is capable of weeding, watering and tending to your garden. Any harvestable items will be put in your family’s fridge – which is perfect for Sims 3 witch families who might want to share ingredients for alchemy.

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