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mini-me mod minecraft

The mod creator calls this a ‘Buddy Pet Mod’ but this is definitely a minecraft Mini-me mod. The mod creates a small version of you – a mini-you to run around in your minecraft game with you. Your mini-me spawns when you do, logs off when you do and runs about the world much the same as you do. If you don’t want to lose your mini-me, you can right click to wear him or her on your head. It makes total sense.

If you don’t want to run around with a miniature version of yourself, but do want a pet, you can change what your mini-me looks like. This is where the pet buddy part of the mod comes in. It is possible to have your mini-me incarnate as any minecraft mob. So you can have a minecraft pet spider, pet pig, pet skeleton, pet enderman, pet bat, pet villager or pet (insert minecraft mob name here).

Minecraft Mini-Me Pet Mod Download Link

My People, Minecraft People NPC Mod Download

Perhaps you want to raise your own new people in minecraft, people who will be your friends, but aren’t actual humans. A genetically engineered egg spawns minecraft clones of yourself. You must raise your new pet person to adulthood, at which point they can be sent out to do a variety of minecraft tasks. Raise an army of followers to march across the plains, or send your minions out to hunt mobs for you.

Minecraft Guard NPCS

The my people mod allows you to have your own guards, so your castle doesn’t have to be so empty and defenceless. Set individual people to defend and guard certain positions. They can be given armor to wear, and will automatically equip armor when they pick it up.

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