Hearthfire Building Supplies Vendor Mod

skyrim building supplies npc mod

This Skyrim mod for the Hearthfire expansion pack adds an NPC vendor dedicated to selling building supplies. Designed to stop you from having to travel all over Skyrim just to build a simple house, the vendor, Arythus, can be found in The Sleeping Giant Inn during normal business hours (the hours of 7 am until 8pm). Arythus sells all the materials you need to build a house, including nails, glass, hinges, locks, and even raw materials like iron.

Skyrim Instant Merchant Mod | Skyrim Vendor NPC Mod

skyrim instant merchant modThis skyrim mod creates a magic ring that can be used to summon an NPC trader any time. Going by the name of “Goonie”, this merchant has gold reserves of up to 20,000, and will happily purchase goods, even ones with that annoying red text description, the so called ‘stolen’ items. Save yourself the trouble of sitting in the middle of a dungeon wondering whether to drop your fifty linen wraps or twenty Ancient Nord Battle Axes and summon Goonie to take them all off your hands.

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