You Will Die, Minecraft Roguelike Mod

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Minecraft starts to get too easy after a while, doesn’t it? If you’re looking for a proper challenge, download and install You Will Die, a Roguelike mod which adds a bunch of danger to the game, as well as actual goals and disadvantages. This mod creates a much greater level of challenge by hamstringing the player in some ways, whilst providing the occasional high stat weapon and useful potion along the way. It’s like carrot and stick, except its mostly sticks.

The Minecraft Roguelike mod also includes new crafting recipes for traps, including a spike trap, a flame trap, and a smoke trap. You will fall into these with delightful regularity, but you can also craft them to fall into later when you’ve forgotten about them.

What’s The Advantage of Disadvantages?

Elementary, my dear elementalist. Having disadvantages, like say, a 50% increase in creeper spawn rates in a world makes life more interesting. It also makes meeting the challenge condition a great deal more challenging. You thought finding a baker’s dozen of diamonds was easy? Hah! Try it when every dark nook and cranny is home to a spawning plenthora of creepers.

Download You Will Die Mod for Minecraft

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