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Minecraft’s storage options were expanded slightly with the addition of the Ender Chest, but given that an Ender Chest requires eight pieces of obsidian and an eye of ender, they’re not terribly useful during the opening stages of a game of minecraft. Better Storage is a mod that greatly expands the storage capacity and capabilities of even the most average minecrafter.

How To Make A Minecraft Backpack

Backpacks are by far the best part of the Better Storage mod. With a backpack, your walking storage is expanded by a factor of two. In other words, you can carry twice as much stuff. Backpacks are ‘worn’ in the chest armor slot, but who needs armor when you’re carrying enough cobble to create a fortress at the hiss of a creeper?

how to make a minecraft backpack

The crafting recipe for a minecraft backpack is simple. Just seven pieces of leather (obtainable from cows) one piece of wool (from your favorite sheep) and a gold ingot. Players should be able to gather these resources in the first couple of days of in game play.

Other storage items in the Better Storage mod include:

Storage Crates

minecraft storage cratres

These differ from chests in that they have 18 slots, but expand automatically when placed next to other crates. Items placed into Storage Crates may be mixed up with the contents of other storage crates, so they’re not the best option for players who have to have everything neat and tidy.

Reinforced Chests

Chests that will not explode when a creeper does. The advantages are obvious.


minecraft lockers

Modular minecraft storage, lockers are simple to craft, requiring only seven wooden planks and a trapdoor. They can be stacked to create large vertical storage units, as well as placed side by side.

Impressed? Want to use this mod in your own minecraft games?

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