The Sims 3 Alchemy Mod | More Potions For Sims 3

sims 3 potion mod

If you have an alchemist sim but have run out of interesting and useful potions to make, good news! This mod adds eight new potions to The Sims 3, all of which can be made by an alchemist sim. All of these potions require the Supernatural expansion pack, some also require the Pets expansion pack. Some require World Adventures, but if you loathe World Adventures, there is an alternate version that changes potion ingredients. Recipes for these potions can be purchased from the book store.

Some of these potions are mildly useful, like the penicillin potion which can be used to both immunize and cure sick sims.

Other potions include:

Celebrity Potions (one to increase celebrity levels, another to remove a sim’s celebrity status altogether – a brilliant way to bring an uppity celebrity down a notch or six.)

Ghost Potion

Alien Potions. (One to turn a normal sim into an alien, another to ‘cure’ a sim of being an alien.)

Unicorn Potion turns a horse into a unicorn.

Resurrection potion overcomes sim death.

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