Project Brazil | Fallout: New Vegas Mod

fallout project brazil mod

Calling Project Brazil a Fallout New Vegas mod is like calling the Pacific Ocean wet. Project Brazil is an entirely new Fallout Game developed by indie developers and modders. Project Brazil contains a new map the size of Fallout 3, thousands of lines of professionally voiced dialog, new quest lines, new characters and a new Fallout experience. And it’s FREE. All you need to play it is a copy of Fallout: New Vegas

Time To Hunt: Fallout New Vegas Bounty Hunter Mod

fallout new vegas bounty hunter mod

Gettin’ tired of the same old New Vegas quest lines? Looking for something new? The New Vegas Bounty Hunter mod adds all new quests to Fallout: New Vegas, turning the hapless Courier into a Bounty Hunter. So if you’re done with Benny and you’ve already fixed all the solar panels you care to and you’re looking for some action, this is the mod you want. There are no puzzles to solve as a bounty hunter, nor are there quest items to fetch. Instead you’ll be faced with dangerous criminals on the run who need to be bought down and taken in – assuming they don’t get to you first!

the bounty hunter Channel your inner dog. Or find something a little stronger than pepper spray to subdue the wasteland’s criminal scum with.
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