Thane’s Breezehome (Skyrim Home Decoration Mod)


A whole new Breezehome interior awaits with this Skyrim mod that remodels and redecorates Breezehome in Whiterun, making it something worthy of the Dragonborn Dovahkiin.

If you’re anything like me – and being a carbon based life form, you are at least a little, then you find Breezehome to be something of a disappointment. Even with all the interior decorations to be purchased from the Whiterun Steward, Proventus Avenicci, it’s still a wee bit odd. Who decorates a home with barrels and sacks?

Let’s face it, the default interior of Breezehome is embarrassing. You walk in the front door and find yourself standing slap bang in the middle of a fire pit. Behind that is a long table filled with food for guests you will never have to dinner. Off to the side is an Alchemy nook, which is all very well and good. There’s just one place to store books, and it is very limited, so anybody who enjoys collecting Skyrim books is right out of luck. The second story of the home is equally lackluster. Lydia’s room is so small she’s never actually in it, preferring to sit in the corner of your room and eat your food, presumably watching you whilst you sleep.
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