Top Skyrim Mods

Skyrim is one of the most heavily modded pc games available today. The mods listed on this page are what we consider to be essential ‘must have’ basic mods that will elevate your Skyrim experience to a new level.


sky UI skyrim UI pc mod

This mod adds a more pc friendly user interface. Because Skyrim was primarily developed for consoles and people playing with handheld controllers, keyboard and mouse users often find the game clunky. Sky UI makes several changes to the UI that will make playing your favorite Dragonborn a great deal easier.

Download Sky UI Here!

Better Skyrim Map Mod

skyrim quality world map mod download

The Skyrim map is fairly impressive on its own, but this map mod adds a few subtle details – like roads, better textures and detailed landscapes.

Download the Quality World Map Here!

Ultimate Follower Overhaul Mod

skyrim ultimate follower mod

If you’re tired of Lydia moaning about being sworn to carry your burdens and then running after you on foot every time you mount a horse, as if that would be practical for more than half a mile, then you need the Ultimate Follower Mod for Skyrim. This mod adds rideable horses for followers, the ability to issue commands to your followers without specifically adressing them, removes follower level caps, enables dual wielding, stops your follower from lunging into battle whilst you’re trying to sneak around and makes your follower available for marriage!

Download the Skyrim Follower Overhaul Mod here!

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