Skyrim Fast Horses Mod | How To Speed Up Skyrim Horses

faster skyrim horses

Horses are strange beasts in Skyrim. Unlike in the real world, where the primary advantage of travelling by horseback is a significant speed and stamina boost, in Skyrim the main use of horses appears to be travelling up nearly vertical surfaces. It’s almost as if the horse development team confused horses with laddergoat.

There are a lot of horse mods for skyrim, but if you want a simple mod that just makes the horse run faster, then Faster Vanilla Horses is the mod for you. Faster Vanilla Horses does two things:

Boosts base horse speed to something realistic (and balanced, this doesn’t give you ridiculously overpowered speed of light horses.) 30% is the magic number, if you were wondering just how much faster this mod makes horses.

Extends gallop time. Gallop time is perhaps the most ridiculous thing in the vanilla Skyrim horse experience. Anyone who has ever spent five minutes with a horse knows that their gallop lasts, much, much, much longer than twenty seconds. A well conditioned horse can go at a full gallop for several minutes or even longer. Skyrim horses gallop as if they’re chronic asthmatics who have been doing thing but sitting on the couch eating fast food and chugging soda for the past half-decade.

The saddest thing about Skyrim’s vanilla horses is that they’re pretty much useless. You occasionally get a kick out of seeing one hoof a dragon in the face, but most of the time you can sprint faster than you can ride and as the game goes on, fast travel becomes the travel mode of choice, which really breaks immersion. With faster vanilla horses, you not only enjoy your Skyrim mounts more, you value them more.

The Skyrim Faster Vanilla Horses Mod can be downloaded through the Steam Workshop.

Horses For Followers | Skyrim Horse Mods

This post contains a listing of several Skyrim follower mods that allow your follower to ride their own horse, so that they can keep up with you easily when you want to ride across Skyrim.

Horses for Followers

The first of these Skyrim horse mods is simply called Horses for Followers

skyrim horses for followers mod downloadHorses for Followers allows you to buy another horse for your follower. Simply ride up to any of the hold stables (ones that haven’t been attacked by death hounds) and purchase a horse for your follower. Your follower’s horse will automatically follow yours. Unlike yours, they will avoid combat, so although you might have to do some chasing to find them after a fight, they will at least be more likely to survive.

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