Minecraft Green Thumb Mod | Minecraft Horticulture Mod

minecraft green thumb mod

For a game of survival, vanilla minecraft is still fairly light on things you can grow. Sure there’s a bunch of stuff you can shove in the ground and wait for, but any gardener worth their salt will tell you that there’s more to growing trees and edible vegetables than just smushing bits of plant into the soil.

This mod allows you to do all sorts of things a real green thumb person can do – like seed minecraft grass from a block of dirt. All it takes is four pieces of bonemeal and four seeds and baby, you got yourself a lawn going. The mod also adds the ability to craft mycelium blocks which are usually only found in incredibly rare mushroom biomes. To craft a mycelium block you need four bonemeal, two crushed red mushrooms and two crushed brown mushrooms. (more…)

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