Build Outside City Box Mod Updates!

build outside city box sim city mod download

A new update to the popular BOCB Sim City mod unlocks all ploppables and road types to be placed anywhere on your Sim City Map. No more building inside the little city boxes! Now the world truly is your canvas for development.

Download here!

Sim City Modern Bus Mod Download

sim city modern bus mod

A remodel for Sim City buses, this mod changes the Sim City bus model to a more modern aesthetic. These modern buses come in seven colors, including white. You can choose which buses will be used in your game. If you like a green bus line, then you can choose the lime green buses, if you like the clean white, then stick with the basic model. There’s a veritable raibow of buses to choose from, each of them with all the features you’ve come to expect from a modern city bus.

Download Sim City Bus Mod!

Sim City Fire Engine Mod

mercedes atego sim city fire engine mod

This Mercedes Atego fire engine mod replaces the generic Sim City fire engine with something a little more sleek and European. There are three versions of this fire engine to choose from, a generic version, one with UK colors and a Dutch striped version, for those of you who wish to create a little slice of the Northern climes in Sim City.

Sim City Mercedes Atego Fire Engine Mod Download

Sim City Train Mod Download

sim city train mod download

This Sim City Train Mod transforms regional trains into VIRM trains, famous Dutch trains. It isn’t a reskin so much as a whole new 3D model which replaces the default Sim City Regional trains.

Download this Sim City Train Mod Skin!

Sim City Service Roads Mod

sim city service road mod download

The Sim City service roads mod adds service roads to the main road menu, so you can create a separate but connected network for freight vehicles. These roads usually unlock with the Oil Well, but with this mod installed you can use service roads from the very beginning to enable freight trucks to travel in and out of your city. This provides an advantage for Industry, which can often start to fail if congestion means that freight trucks cannot leave or enter the city. Use service roads in conjunction with the Trade Center to facilitate quick and easy earnings from your freight!

Download the Sim City Service Roads Mod!

Sim City Region Building Mod Download

build sim cities outside city boundaries mod

If you want to build outside Sim City’s tiny 2k city limits, you can do so with this mod pack, that allows roads, ploppable buildings and more Sim City items to be placed *gasp* in barren region land! (I do so loathe the term ‘ploppable’, although I suppose it does somewhat evoke the spirit of this incarnation of the Sim City series.)

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Sim City Pedestrian Paths Mod

minecraft pedestrian mod

This Sim City Pedestrian Paths mod takes the pedestrian paths which are unlocked with the University building and places them in the main roading menu, allowing you to easily place pedestrian walkways at any time, potentially creating what some are calling ‘walkable cities’. The pedestrian paths will not work the same way other roads do. Services do not travel along pedestrian paths – so power, sewage and water will not flow along them. You cannot zone areas directly along pedestrian paths, nor will these paths ‘connect’ to other Sim City roads, meaning there are no new intersections.

Download the Sim City Pedestrian Paths Mod.

Sim City Mod Tools

If you’d like to make your own Sim City mods, here are some tools to get you started modding Sim City!


S3pe is a Sim City Package editor. Sim City uses the same sort of package files as are found in The Sims series. They are therefore highly moddable, even if EA has changed their minds about how much they want Sim City to be modded.

Sim City Pack

This is a program that allows you to view Sim City package files. In case you wanted to know what they looked like, on the inside.

Sim City Bag of Trix Mod | Unlimited Sim City Offline Play

The Sim City Bag of Trix mod is the first mod that fixes many of the serious issues players are experiencing with Sim City. The Sim City Bag of Trix currently:

  • Enables offline play for Sim City for an unlimited period of time. Play Sim City offline forever!
  • Enables Sim City Debug UI, (which allows you to edit Sim City regions outside set cities, set new city sizes and do much more.)
  • Removes ‘fudged’ sim population, so Sim City population numbers reflect the exact number of sims actually being simulated in the game, not the fudged numbers added to artificially inflate city size, which also occasionally break game mechanics.

Downlod the Sim City Bag of Trix

Sim City SpeedBooster Mod

sim city cheetah speed mod download

Ever since Cheetah speed was removed from Sim City, players have been frustrated by how slowly the game plays. Fortunately for us, ingenious modders have come up with a way to speed your Sim City back up to and even past the original Cheetah speed, using the Sim City SpeedBooster mod. This mod isn’t installed into Sim City itself, it is run as a standalone once you’ve already loaded Sim City and opened the city you want to play.

Be aware that this mod is not directly supported by the creators of Sim City and it is likely to be patched against. However it is currently being actively updated, so players can download this mod after each patch. You should also be aware that this mod can be used to emulate speeds far faster than the original Cheetah speed which was removed because the servers were not able to handle it, so if you run it on very high speeds, you risk causing issues with the server. SpeedBoosting is not currently banned at this time, however some players might be concerned about the risk of bans if caught using the mod. Given the capricious nature of the EA management of this title, that is a possibility.
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