Cities Skylines Tree Brush Mod Download

cities skylines tree brush mod

Tired of placing every tree in Cities Skylines by hand? Wondering if this game is actually a terrible gardening simulator? Wonder no longer. You can now download a mod which allows you to plant hundreds of trees with a single stroke of a brush. The brush size is fully adjustable, allowing you to plant a thin windbreak of trees, or create a vast forest whilst remaining in game!

Download the Cities Skylines Tree Brush mod!

Cities Skylines Better Bulldozer Mod

cities skylines bulldozer mod download

Bulldozing buildings is tedious in Vanilla Cities Skylines. You have to individually click on each and every single building you want to destroy, how tedious is that? How can one be expected to get any real destruction done when what you really need is to be able to click and drag an area all of which is immediately annihilated!

Download Automatic Bulldozer Cities Skylines Mod here! -
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