Pit Fighters: Skyrim Arena Mod Download (Oblivion Arena)

skyrim arena mod download

Anybody who loved visiting The Arena in Oblivion and therefore fondly remembers becoming a Pit Dog will love this mod, which adds a new faction you can join (much like The Dark Brotherhood or The Companions). The Pit Fighters were once well paid gladiators, but as there are no official arenas in Skyrim, they have been left to their own devices and now scrap in underground tournaments to earn coin.

If you’ve been missing an Arena and gladiator system like the desert misses the rain, then this is the mod you’ve been waiting for. Join the Pit Fighters and travel around all of Skyrim, besting challengers and climbing up the ranks to become a Legend of Gladiatorial Combat.

This fully voiced acted mid is the mod you’ve been waiting for ever since you realized that the Nords just didn’t understand the beauty and challenge of fighting TWINS!

Get the Skyrim Pit Fighters Oblivion Style Arena Mod!

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