Minecraft Mutant Creatures Mod Download

minecraft mutant mod download

The minecraft mutant mobs mod adds a whole lot of mutated creatures for you to do battle with. Each of the mutants has super powers, additional abilities and the general ability to turn your game upside down with wicked vicious mechanics like have never seen before. If you thought original Endermen were bad, try the mutant Enderman with a hundred hearts. That’s right. A hundred hearts. Killing him is a week long event.

minecraft mutant enderman mod

Mutant skeletons are also no joke. They only have 75 hearts, but they can shoot arrows through solid matter, so that’s a problem, and they can smack you into next week too. So, you know, be careful.

And then there’s the mutant zombie. The mutant zombie can perform a melee attack which will take you down a peg or two. Actually, it will take you down twelve hearts. And that’s just the beginning of the beginning of the beginning…

Download the updated Minecraft Mutant Creatures mod here!

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