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Wolves were without a doubt one of the best mobs ever to be added to minecraft. Finally you could tame a canine friend (who, in the early days would happily leap into lava as happily as water.) But with time, Wolves have become less relevant to the average minecrafter. They sit around, making doggy noises and occasionally floating heart balloons into the air. But what if you want more from your wolf or dog? What if you want a wolf made of lava? This is the mod you need.

Wolves+ adds a whole new set of minecraft wolves to the game. Each of the wolves has special abilities and many of them drop custom and special items.

New Wolves:

The Cake Wolf – Of course there’s a cake wolf. Where there’s mods there’s cake. You might not want to hunt the cake wolf, but if you do, let’s just say that it drops precisely what you’d expect it to.

The Diamond Wolf
The Ender Wolf
The Glowstone Wolf

The Skeleton Wolf – Drops bones, but more than that, also shoots arrows. It’s a wolf with a freakin’ laser bow attached to its head.

The Creeper Wolf – Is given to explosive outbursts. You know what I mean.

The Wither Wolf – Finally, a wolf that spawns in the hot dark depths of the Nether realm.

Pretty much all of these wolves can jump more than two blocks high and run far faster than you can. Much like real wolves. In fact, if you get nothing else out of this mod at all, it’s a more realistic interpretation of what it would be like to be one human roaming the wilds with packs of hungry teeth creatures on your tail. In addition to the wolves already listed, there are dirt wolves, Santa wolves and special Alpha Wolves, who represent a boss fight, or more likely, your demise.

Wolves + Compatibility

Wolves+ is a stand-alone mod. It does not require Forge or ModLoader.

Wolves+ Mod Download Link

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