Helgen Reborn, Skyrim Quest Mod

helgen rebon skyrim free DLC

Your Skyrim journey began in Helgen and as you fled the ruins you might have thought you would never return. But with this quest mod from Mike Hancho you can return to Helgen and help rebuild the town. With an additional five hours of seriously new Skyrim gameplay you can enjoy a quest line that makes a real difference in the world of Skyrim. In addition to a new quest, you’ll also gain access to three new sets of armor and a place to display a great many of your Skyrim treasures. This is the perfect mod for anyone who has ever thought that Skyrim was just too shallow to be truly immersive. With twenty new voice acted characters, this is more than a mod, this is essentially Free Skyrim DLC.

Helgen Reborn Skyrim Quest Download

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