Skyrim Underwater Treasure Mod

skyrim sunken treasure mod

If you’ve already uncovered all the treasures Skyrim has to offer (including, but not limited to my absolute favorite Skyrim treasure, the Wabbajack,) then you might be ready for the Underwater Treasure mod that adds over fifty new treasure locations to Skyrim. Hone your diving skills and keep your eyes out for these hidden treasures, fifteen of which are hidden underwater, 36 of which are placed casually alongside Skyrim’s many waterways.

In addition to sunken treasure and scattered chests around the Northern waterline, there is also a sunken Dwemer ruin. Personally I’d avoid going into a Dwemer ruin at all costs, because they are possibly the most tedious dungeons in all of Skyrim, populated by the most hideous guardians. I’ll take a thousand giant spiders over a couple of hissing Falmer any day, thank you. But those of you who like Dwarven relics and that sort of thing will find yourselves quite entranced, no doubt.

There’s a little lore attached to this mod, though not a whole lot. Even better, the chests respawn once found, so you can find new treasures again and again and again, whilst being chased by the Thalmor or simply wandering through snowy wastes wondering where you left your horse (and being too stubborn to simply fast travel to find it) the Underwater Treasure mod adds a new challenge and a little more richness to the snowy wastes of the far Skyrim north.

TIP: Many of these treasures are hidden. That means they don’t always look like what they are. It might be worth checking out not just strange barrels and crates, but odd piles of wood and dark shadowy shapes underwater. It could be Skyrim’s Loch Ness monster, or it could be your next pay day.

Download the Skyrim Underwater Treasure mod on Skyrim Nexus!

(Also available through the Steam Workshop.)

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