Elemental Tinkerer, Minecraft Magic Mod

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If you were one of the few, the brave, the many who embraced the addition of magic to minecraft in the form of enchantments and potions, then you’ll be thrilled with this new minecraft mod that allows you to cast minecraft magic spells. Like Harry Potter, or any other wizard in history ever.

Elemental Tinkerer contains several new enchanted ores known as Elementium Ore clusters. These are the basis of the old world magic you’ll be rediscovering as you craft your way to magical mayhem. Elementium ores drop elemental gems, which can be used to craft magic items, or smushed together to create decorative blocks. Elemental gems change color over time, sometimes seeming to be nothing but boring brown nuggets, other times sparkling blues and pinks and purples.

Be careful in your elementium ore mining however, once in a while what appears to be a normal elementium ore will actually be an elementium spawner. By stealing the spawner egg you anger the elementium guardian – a shiny magical silverfish. You’ll also be hit with a mining fatigue debuff, so no more mining for you for thirty agonizing seconds.

How to Find Elementium

Elementium is very rare. To help you, there is a craftable Elementium detector, crafted from four wooden sticks and one elementium gem. Once you have crafted the detector you can equip it and it will glow when you are near magical elementium orre deposits.

If you absolutely cannot find any elementium ore at all, you can craft elementium gems by taking two pieces of elementium dust (dropped when you kill mobs) and crafting it together with a diamond.

Elemental Magic Crafting

minecraft elemental magic desk

The first step on your journey of minecraft magic is the Elemental Magic Desk. This is where you’ll begin to learn the old secrets of minecraft elemental magic. A book and four elemental gems can also be used to craft an Elemental Lexicon, which provides an ‘in game’ guide to the complete Elemental Magic system.

Elemental magic, as the name suggests, involves fire magic, water magic, earth magic and air magic. There are all manner of different effects that can be gained from different magic preparations. New spells and magic minecraft tools are unlocked through a process of research.

minecraft elemental research table gui

To research elemental magic, you’ll need to place a plain book in the book slot, and four gems in the gem slots. The elemental magic desk will then start the research process on its own. (Much like minecraft ovens smelt iron on their own once provided with the proper materials.) At the end of the research process, you will have a 25% chance of having created a book. Read the book to learn a new minecraft spell! (Well, and to complete a slide puzzle, a test which determines your worthiness to learn about all things minecraft magical.)

If you craft a lexicon, the spell will be added to the lexicon and you can use it at will.

There are more elements to craft in this mod, including an elemental altar, which uses a rather high tech system of catalysts to boost minecraft magic crafting. For a complete guide to the Elemental Tinkerer minecraft mod, I highly reccomend watching the video embedded in this post.

Download the Elemental Tinkerer, Minecraft Magic Mod!

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