Immersive Beds, Skyrim Sleeping Mod

skyrim sleep mod download

Are you tired of the Skyrim world fading to black every time you go to sleep? Wish that sleep was more realistic? With the Immersive Beds mod, you’ll get to see your character actually lay down and go to sleep – not to mention wake up. Players can choose to sleep in their armor if times are dangerous, or to get comfortable and remove weapons, helmets and boots. It is also possible to sleep in normal street clothes, which is a level of comfort not afforded to the average Dovahkiin. If you are married in Skyrim, it is also possible to have your husband or wife come to bed and go to sleep with you. Aw. How sweet.

Check out the Immersive Bed mod and get your Skyrim character off to a more realistic and restful sleep! -
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