Sim City SpeedBooster Mod

sim city cheetah speed mod download

Ever since Cheetah speed was removed from Sim City, players have been frustrated by how slowly the game plays. Fortunately for us, ingenious modders have come up with a way to speed your Sim City back up to and even past the original Cheetah speed, using the Sim City SpeedBooster mod. This mod isn’t installed into Sim City itself, it is run as a standalone once you’ve already loaded Sim City and opened the city you want to play.

Be aware that this mod is not directly supported by the creators of Sim City and it is likely to be patched against. However it is currently being actively updated, so players can download this mod after each patch. You should also be aware that this mod can be used to emulate speeds far faster than the original Cheetah speed which was removed because the servers were not able to handle it, so if you run it on very high speeds, you risk causing issues with the server. SpeedBoosting is not currently banned at this time, however some players might be concerned about the risk of bans if caught using the mod. Given the capricious nature of the EA management of this title, that is a possibility.

Using this mod is a personal choice. You can boost Sim City speeds to levels that make the game playable, or you can find other things to do around the house whilst you wait for your city to generate sufficient simoleons at slower levels of play. I managed to do the dishes, vacuum the carpets and plait the dog’s braids in between placing avenues.

Sim City SpeedBooster on Github

SpeedBooster Reddit Thread

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