Minecraft Camping Mod | Minecraft Tents, Camp Fires and More!

minecraft camping mod

Camping and minecraft go together like cheese and ham. They’re so naturally intuitively connected that it seems very off that tents and camp fires aren’t part of the base game. With this forge compatible minecraft camping mod, you can now build tents, sleep in tents, create campfires (of all colors) and cook on them too. This is therefore the perfect mod for anyone who likes to play an exploratory style minecraft survival game. Now you can wander the wilds, pitching your tent when night falls, collecting the occasional bit of bacon and steak along the way and cooking sausages up by the fire in the evening.

With this mod, you need never build another dirt house again, and if you want to carry some supplies, no worries, you can create ‘storage tents’ capable of holding a double chest each. So if you decide you want to stay in an area for a whole, you can build a large camp to house you, your goods and perhaps even corral off an area for some animals, as nomadic people are wont to do.

minecraft camping tents

Don’t these tents just look perfect? Right click on these with a sleeping bag to sleep at night! (The sleeping bag is obtained using the ‘camping tool’.)

minecraft sleeping tent

The main mod thread, with all the mod components can be found at the link below this sentence. Please note, that this is a Forge compatible mod, not a ModLoader compatible mod.

RikMuld’s Minecraft Camping Mod Download

Minecraft Camp Fire Mod

Working in tandem with the camping mod is the camp fire mod. This mod allows you to build campfires that you can also cook food on. It also includes colored fires. The camp fire mod is included in the camping mod above, but if you want an independent automatic installer for just camp fires, you can get one at the link below.

Minecraft Camp Fire Installer Mod

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