Minecraft Ship Mod

minecraft pirate ship download*

Finally, a minecraft mod that allows you to design and build your very own ship. Sail and fly into the sunset with Archimedes’ Ship mod, made by modder BalkondeurAlpha. Sailable ships, as opposed to little blocky boats have been on many minecrafters’ wish lists for a long time now. And finally their call has been answered. Ships created using this mod are considered ‘moveable chunks’, which can be piloted across the minecraft seas. Build anything from luxury pleasurecraft to great sailing ships. One could even live on a boat if one so desired. Or create a floating city. The only limit, as usual, is your imagination.

*The pirate ship pictured in this post is a downloadable ship, which can be found at this link. With a few adjustments you could turn this static vessel into the terror of the high seas.

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