Minecraft Shapeshifting Mods | Minecraft Shape Shifter Mod

minecraft dragon shape shifter mod

There are several mods that allow you to shape shift in minecraft, these minecraft shape shifter mods will allow you to change your skin from ‘Steve’ to any animal or mob in the game, so if you want to see Minecraft from the perspective of a dog, witch, villager, zombie, creeper or even ghast, you too can fly high above the world of minecraft.

Original Minecraft Shape Shifter Mod

The original Minecraft Shape Shifter Mod was created in mod-2012 and it allowed the user to turn into many in-game mobs, as well as a fly, which was new to minecraft.

Shape shifting didn’t just result in cosmetic changes, it also gave you passive and active effects. For example, if you shape shifted into wolf form, you always moved at sprint speed and you did an extra three melee damage. An Enderman could teleport and also do an extra 6 points of melee damage.

Minecraft Shape Shifter Z

The shape shifter Z minecraft mod was a more updated look at minecraft shape shifting. It was created because development for the original mod stalled at minecraft version 1.3.2. This new version of the shape shifter mod allows you to turn into a great many more creatures than the original mod, including a Dragon, a Wither and more. It features a one click instant shape shifting system, so you can shift at speed. This mod has the advantage of being in development, so you can expect further updates over time.

Other Minecraft Shape Shifting Mods:

A player dissatisfied with the instantaneous nature of Minecraft Shape Shifter Z did a little more development and creating ‘shifting animations’ so instead of instantly turning into the mob or creature, your form turns grey and is distorted as it takes its new form. (And no, it isn’t even your final form.) View these dramatic minecraft shape shifting effects in the video below:

Farmcraftory, Minecraft Farming Mod (Extra Crops!)

farmcraftory minecraft farm modFarmcraftory is a minecraft farming mod that adds several new seed crops to the game, making it possible to build large and diverse farms – and to create new and tasty foods in the process.

New Minecraft Crops

New minecraft vegetable crops include:

  • Cabbage
  • Corn
  • Cucumber
  • Eggplant
  • Green Pepper
  • Leek
  • Onion
  • Pineapple
  • Strawberry
  • Spinach
  • Tomato
  • Turnip
  • Yam

Minecraft Fruit Trees

minecraft fruit trees mod

There are also six new fruit trees in this mod:

  • Banana
  • Cherry
  • Grape
  • Peach
  • Pear
  • Orange

Minecraft Watering Can

There are also new tools, like the Minecraft Watering Can, which can be used to water crops that are not located near a natural water source. (This also means that you don’t need one awkward block of water in the middle of your field if you don’t want to have it there.) There are two craftable watering cans in this mod, a wood watering can, which can water one block, and an iron one that can water a 3×3 square area. Crops will require watering daily if they are to grow properly. All in all it is probably easier to simply have the water blocks nearby, but people who want a minecraft farm simulator might prefer the realism involved in having to tend their crops by watering them.

Crops that are not watered begin to wilt. You can pick wilted crops and use them as fertilizer on healthy crops – thereby making them grow faster, just like bonemeal.

Minecraft Cooking Mod

Farmcraftory isn’t just a farming mod. It’s also a cooking mod (after all, you need to do something with all your tasty new produce, don’t you?) The cooking side of this mod comes with new minecraft recipes and also craftable cookware.

minecraft kitchen blender

Minecraft Kitchen Blender

The kitchen blender helps you turn raw ingredients into drinkable smoothies. MMmmm raw food smoothies for people who like their minecraft organic produce to be enjoyed in its optimally natural state.

Farmcraftory is a Forge compatible mod and can be downloaded here.

Minecraft Dalek Mod | Minecraft Dr Who Mod

minecraft tardis dr who mod

EXTERMINATE! This is a Dr Who Dalek Mod for minecraft, and that’s really all I should have to say to have you whipping out your sonic screwdriver and accessing the nearest network terminal for a download of this minecraft mod. Calling this a Dalek mod is doing it a bit of a disservice because it’s more of a ‘World of Dr Who’ mod, complete with all sorts of interesting things, including:

  • Several different kinds of Dalek (including Daleks from the 1960′s – ie, the classic ‘true’ Dalek, the one that can be stumped by a decent set of stairs.)
  • Several different iterations of the Sonic Screwdriver. This is a particularly useful item as it can be used to create a portable redstone current of sorts, and can be used to open iron doors, eliminating the need for pressure plates and buttons that you have to hit and run from.
  • A Tardis
  • Clockwork Droid
  • Davros
  • Stonehenge and Pandorica


Minecraft Spaceship Mod | Galacticraft

minecraft spaceship mod download

It’s time for minecrafters to reach for the stars with this minecraft spaceship mod that adds controllable spaceships. Seriously, a spaceship that you can fly. Fly you to the moon and let you play among the stars – and even drive your own Rover! (more…)

Minecraft Giant Insect Mod

minecraft giant insect mod download

Some minecraft players feel that minecraft is missing an underground cave dimension filled with huge insects. Those people will be thrilled with the Erebus mod which adds a whole new minecraft insect dimension along with several new underground biomes. There are also new trees, new items and of course, a whole lot of new mobs.

Here are some of the features you will come to enjoy and / or fear in the Minecraft Giant Insect Mod:

Minecraft Boss Fights

The queen of the ants is angry because you invaded her nest, and things are about to get very dangerous and bitey for you! Or perhaps wandering into a giant spider web appeals to you more, those large fangs dripping with paralyzing venom as you inch forward. What can a giant spider have that you want so badly? You’ll have to kill it to find out. (more…)

Minecraft Marriage Mod (Minecraft Comes Alive)

minecraft marriage mod

Minecraft’s villages and villagers are sort of disappointing, aren’t they? This mod turns minecraft villagers into friends, and more than that, it turns minecraft villagers into family.

How To Get Married In Minecraft

Marriage is a simple matter of building up your relationship with a villager until they can no longer imagine life without you and fall in love. Once your intended’s heart level reaches 100 or more, you present them with an engagement ring. If you are well liked by all in the village, you will then be showered with engagement gifts. It is possible to skip the engagement part of the process, but if you do this, no presents for you. It is also possible to skip to having children whilst you’re engaged, but again, no presents. Minecraft villages are traditional places.

Minecraft Camping Mod | Minecraft Tents, Camp Fires and More!

minecraft camping mod

Camping and minecraft go together like cheese and ham. They’re so naturally intuitively connected that it seems very off that tents and camp fires aren’t part of the base game. With this forge compatible minecraft camping mod, you can now build tents, sleep in tents, create campfires (of all colors) and cook on them too. This is therefore the perfect mod for anyone who likes to play an exploratory style minecraft survival game. Now you can wander the wilds, pitching your tent when night falls, collecting the occasional bit of bacon and steak along the way and cooking sausages up by the fire in the evening.

With this mod, you need never build another dirt house again, and if you want to carry some supplies, no worries, you can create ‘storage tents’ capable of holding a double chest each. So if you decide you want to stay in an area for a whole, you can build a large camp to house you, your goods and perhaps even corral off an area for some animals, as nomadic people are wont to do.

minecraft camping tents

Minecraft Fish Mod 1.4.5 / 1.5 | Slappy McCracken’s Ocean Life Expanded

minecraft fish mod download

You know that old saying, there’s plenty more fish in the sea? Well, not in minecraft there isn’t! At least, there hasn’t been until now. Slappy McCracken and his wife have been hard at work getting their Ocean Life expanded minecraft fish mod into shape for the looming 1.5 release.

So what is there to look forward to in this minecraft fish mod? A whole lot. You’ve got schooling fish, predatory fish, frogs to leap upon the lily pads and plants too, like corals and sunflowers and aquatic plants (that’s right, finally some minecraft plants that grow in the water.!)

Drink or Die, Minecraft Thirst Mod / Server Plugin

Feeling thirsty? How about in minecraft? This minecraft thirst mod adds a thirst mechanic, forcing players to keep themselves hydrated if they want to stay in the game. Titled the ‘Minecraft Hydration Mod’ by its creator, the mod is simple enough. It’s designed for servers (and is technically a server plugin for the Bukkit/Sproutcraft server set up), but you can use it in single player if you set up a single person server on your computer.*

How To Use The Minecraft Thirst Mod

The hydration/ thirst mod adds a leather pouch full of water to the game. Players must keep a full water pouch on them at all times, or they will start to become thirsty – and thirst is a terrible thing. Initial dehydration isn’t so bad, but once it becomes more severe hallucinations are not far off – and then there’s the constant loss of health to worry about too. If a player doesn’t find water, they will suffer a death of thirst.

Minecraft Wasteland Mod | Mo’ Deserts, Less Water

minecraft wasteland mod download

Green trees, blue water and sheep cheerfully trampling crops. That’s what we’ve come to expect from minecraft. Maybe a swamp if things really go bad. We never saw Wasteland coming, did we? And why should we? Mojang have been hard at work creating new biomes for the past year or so, but there are still some biomes that even they are afraid to create – like desolate deserts where nothing spawns and life is choked out by the oppressive red sky.

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