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You know that old saying, there’s plenty more fish in the sea? Well, not in minecraft there isn’t! At least, there hasn’t been until now. Slappy McCracken and his wife have been hard at work getting their Ocean Life expanded minecraft fish mod into shape for the looming 1.5 release.

So what is there to look forward to in this minecraft fish mod? A whole lot. You’ve got schooling fish, predatory fish, frogs to leap upon the lily pads and plants too, like corals and sunflowers and aquatic plants (that’s right, finally some minecraft plants that grow in the water.!)

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A quick minecraft fish list is as follows:

Alligator Gars – Aggressive, naturally.
Box fish – Known as puffers to many land lubber types. Now with actual puffing!
Angel Fish – These pretty cichlids brighten up rivers and oceans.
Clown Fish – So you can play your very own Minecraft version of Finding Nemo.
Electric Eels
Frogs and tadpoles – Catch some minecraft tadpoles, take ‘em home and watch them turn into frogs.
Koi fish – For your minecraft fish ponds.
Jellyfish – Pretty, but dangerous.
Starfish – Pretty and not at all dangerous.
Stingrays – Dangerous especially to Australians, otherwise a fairly peaceful mob.
Whales – Every ocean needs a monster, and until the minecraft Kraken is released, whales will have to do.

We’re basically talking an entire minecraft marine eco-system here, all that’s missing are the plankton for whales and very small fish to feed on. It’s quite an exciting mod that can be used to expand survival worlds with interesting new flora and fauna (and fisha, heh) or it can also be used in creative mode to create things like minecraft koi ponds, minecraft marine aquariums (just imagine your modern minecraft office building with a large tank of puffers and marine angels by the front door).

Ready to play with the minecraft fish mod? Good! Why don’t you make your way over to the very talented Slappy McCracken’s minecraft forum thread and see what he and his lady have for you to take home today.

Get the Minecraft Fish mod!

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