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minecraft tornado storm mod

This forge compatible minecraft weather mod adds the possibility of tornadoes to minecraft – but that’s just the beginning. With a five stage storm pattern, your world’s weather won’t just alternate between raining and sunshine, it will run the full gamut of weather patterns, from light drizzle to heavy rain and high winds to damaging tornadoes that will send you scuttling for the basement. This minecraft mod will even create waves on oceans and lakes, and if you happen to be at sea when a storm hits – watch out!

I think this is actually one of the most exciting minecraft mods since 1.5 emerged. The minecraft weather mod is a perfect example of the community filling a need that has thus far been avoided by the development team. Weather makes a world feel real. Weather creates hazards that have to be planned for and defended against.

The tornado mod also includes a couple of new blocks. One is a tornado sensor, the other is a tornado siren. This allows the player to not only experience weather, but monitor it real time. The only complaint I have about this mod is that installation is messy, very messy and the text instructions are not nearly precise enough for a casual user to make heads or tails of. If you’re stuck the video below is very helpful.

How To Install Minecraft Weather Mod

Download the Minecraft Weather Mod!

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