Drink or Die, Minecraft Thirst Mod / Server Plugin

Feeling thirsty? How about in minecraft? This minecraft thirst mod adds a thirst mechanic, forcing players to keep themselves hydrated if they want to stay in the game. Titled the ‘Minecraft Hydration Mod’ by its creator, the mod is simple enough. It’s designed for servers (and is technically a server plugin for the Bukkit/Sproutcraft server set up), but you can use it in single player if you set up a single person server on your computer.*

How To Use The Minecraft Thirst Mod

The hydration/ thirst mod adds a leather pouch full of water to the game. Players must keep a full water pouch on them at all times, or they will start to become thirsty – and thirst is a terrible thing. Initial dehydration isn’t so bad, but once it becomes more severe hallucinations are not far off – and then there’s the constant loss of health to worry about too. If a player doesn’t find water, they will suffer a death of thirst.

In addition to the hunger mechanic included in the base game, the thirst mechanic adds a new facet to the game, and provides additional incentive to find water and not stray into vast deserts – thus making the minecraft experience much more realistic. Which is what we all want out of our game of blocks. Realism. When thirst is a factor, river cities and dwellings become much more favorable, and players can even begin to make a living by trading water to one another along caravan routes.

This mod is in development, so expect additions in future. Ideas currently on the table are water glasses made from potion bottles, milk adding hydration to your thirst bar, and a drinks crafting system with apple juice and other drinks. Perhaps cocoa beans and milk might even be combined to make chocolate milk. Now we’re talking.

Get the Minecraft Thirst mod here.

*Instructions on how to set up a minecraft server on your pc here.

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