Minecraft Giant Insect Mod

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Some minecraft players feel that minecraft is missing an underground cave dimension filled with huge insects. Those people will be thrilled with the Erebus mod which adds a whole new minecraft insect dimension along with several new underground biomes. There are also new trees, new items and of course, a whole lot of new mobs.

Here are some of the features you will come to enjoy and / or fear in the Minecraft Giant Insect Mod:

Minecraft Boss Fights

The queen of the ants is angry because you invaded her nest, and things are about to get very dangerous and bitey for you! Or perhaps wandering into a giant spider web appeals to you more, those large fangs dripping with paralyzing venom as you inch forward. What can a giant spider have that you want so badly? You’ll have to kill it to find out.

Three New Insect Biomes

The foundation biome for this mod is a jungle biome. Now, we already have jungle biomes, and they’re placed with a frequency that borders on the insane in the default version of minecraft. But the Erebus jungle is a very different place. It’s a much hungrier place, for starters. There’s also a savanna biome in development and a desert, which will be a dangerously dry place filled with scarab beetles and other little nasties like the deadly scorpion. Oasis will be present, but rare, so you’d better be prepared to get your nomad on!

New Trees

In a minecraft world where there are dozens of potions, but only four types of tree, new trees are a very welcome addition. Enjoy imagining the distinctive scent of the new eucalyptus tree, and the rich timber of the mahogany tree.

New Minecraft Foods

When in the world of insects you must eat… that’s right. Instects. One of the staple foods of this mod is the maggot. You’ll find passive maggots crawling all over the place. Slay one to get a ‘raw maggot’ which can be cooked later on. Mmm cooked maggots.

New Minecraft Armor Sets

minecraft beetle armor

Kill beetles to gather their exoskeletons and make yourself a new set of minecraft armor. Pick from a variety of colors as you piece together bits of bug and cover yourself in the skeletons of the fallen.






Are you ready to enter a subterranean wonderland populated by giant flies, beetles, maggots, mantises and many more insects? Are you ready to reap the rewards of doing battle with giant ants? Can you find it in yourself to eat maggots to survive? If you answered yes, no or maybe to any of those questions you should download…

The Giant Insect Minecraft Mod

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