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It’s time for minecrafters to reach for the stars with this minecraft spaceship mod that adds controllable spaceships. Seriously, a spaceship that you can fly. Fly you to the moon and let you play among the stars – and even drive your own Rover!

minecraft driveable space vehicles mod

This very ambitious mod includes the following features:

  • An entire solar system to explore in your minecraft spaceship. Fly to the moon, build a lunar base, then pop off to Mars for a bit of an exfoliating dust storm before taking a cooling dip in Neptune’s clouds of gaseous vapor.
  • Customize your spaceship! Nobody wants to show up to a party in the same space ship as someone else, that’s just embarrassing.
  • The solar system is not enough, so the mod will add new moons and new planets to explore.
  • Lots of new items and blocks. (Maybe an alien mob or two too. If you want to check out Minecraft Alien mod, do I have the link for you!)
  • Space dungeons! With space treasures!
  • And a modding API, so other modders can add their own bits and pieces to the universe. Grow space, grow!


A video of flying a minecraft spaceship to the moon! In this video a large ginger bearded minecraft Steve pulls out a spaceship that’s smaller than himself, stuffs himself inside it and then flies it to the moon, where the ship promptly explodes into the lunar surface.

More images here!

Check out the Galacticraft Minecraft Space Mod!

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