Minecraft Backpack Mod | Minecraft Better Storage

minecraft backpacks

Minecraft’s storage options were expanded slightly with the addition of the Ender Chest, but given that an Ender Chest requires eight pieces of obsidian and an eye of ender, they’re not terribly useful during the opening stages of a game of minecraft. Better Storage is a mod that greatly expands the storage capacity and capabilities of even the most average minecrafter.

How To Make A Minecraft Backpack

Backpacks are by far the best part of the Better Storage mod. With a backpack, your walking storage is expanded by a factor of two. In other words, you can carry twice as much stuff. Backpacks are ‘worn’ in the chest armor slot, but who needs armor when you’re carrying enough cobble to create a fortress at the hiss of a creeper?

Minecraft Green Thumb Mod | Minecraft Horticulture Mod

minecraft green thumb mod

For a game of survival, vanilla minecraft is still fairly light on things you can grow. Sure there’s a bunch of stuff you can shove in the ground and wait for, but any gardener worth their salt will tell you that there’s more to growing trees and edible vegetables than just smushing bits of plant into the soil.

This mod allows you to do all sorts of things a real green thumb person can do – like seed minecraft grass from a block of dirt. All it takes is four pieces of bonemeal and four seeds and baby, you got yourself a lawn going. The mod also adds the ability to craft mycelium blocks which are usually only found in incredibly rare mushroom biomes. To craft a mycelium block you need four bonemeal, two crushed red mushrooms and two crushed brown mushrooms. (more…)

Minecraft Knight and Archers and Jet Pack Mod

jetpack armor knight

(This image isn’t from the mod, it’s from an Android game named Jetpack Knight. Just because.)

The Knight and Archers mod adds two new hostile NPC mobs to minecraft. It also adds a jet pack. Seriously. A minecraft jetpack, to go with the Knight and Archer theme, because when I think medieval combatants, I also immediately think jet packs. So do you. So does everyone. So basically, the premise of this mod is that there are basically six new highly powered mobs that will attack you more or less on sight, and to escape them, you have a jet pack. It’s pretty much the best and most coherent idea for a minecraft mod ever.

Check out Vikydrone’s MORE KNIGHT AND ARCHER MOD!

Minecraft Oculus Rift Mod | Minecrift | Minecraft Virtual Reality

A minecraft mod compatible with the Oculus Rift headset to allow users to step inside the world of minecraft. Oculus Rift is a 3D virtual reality headset. Wikipedia describes it as a “high field of view (FOV), low-latency, consumer-priced virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD).” Oh. My. God.

My People, Minecraft People NPC Mod Download

Perhaps you want to raise your own new people in minecraft, people who will be your friends, but aren’t actual humans. A genetically engineered egg spawns minecraft clones of yourself. You must raise your new pet person to adulthood, at which point they can be sent out to do a variety of minecraft tasks. Raise an army of followers to march across the plains, or send your minions out to hunt mobs for you.

Minecraft Guard NPCS

The my people mod allows you to have your own guards, so your castle doesn’t have to be so empty and defenceless. Set individual people to defend and guard certain positions. They can be given armor to wear, and will automatically equip armor when they pick it up.

Minecraft X Ray Mods

minecraft x ray mod download

A minecraft xray mod is a minecraft add-on that allows the player to see through walls and blocks. This is essentially a cheat mod, and will likely get you banned from multiplayer servers. If you want to use a minecraft x ray mod in single player, then you’ll be able to find ores like diamond, redstone, gold and other precious materials much more easily than you otherwise would.

Minecraft Weather Mod | Minecraft Tornado Mod | Minecraft Wave Mod

minecraft tornado storm mod

This forge compatible minecraft weather mod adds the possibility of tornadoes to minecraft – but that’s just the beginning. With a five stage storm pattern, your world’s weather won’t just alternate between raining and sunshine, it will run the full gamut of weather patterns, from light drizzle to heavy rain and high winds to damaging tornadoes that will send you scuttling for the basement. This minecraft mod will even create waves on oceans and lakes, and if you happen to be at sea when a storm hits – watch out!

Minecraft Timber! Mod

Timber! is a simple minecraft tree harvesting mod. Break the bottom wood block in a standing tree and all blocks will ‘fall’ – allowing minecraft lumberjacks to finally fell trees the way trees are actually felled – quickly and efficiently. This speeds up tree farming by a factor of between 4 to 10 times and is especially useful when felling giant trees.

This minecraft mod will work with Forge or ModLoader, whichever you prefer.

Download the minecraft Timber! mod!

Elemental Tinkerer, Minecraft Magic Mod

minecraft fire magic spell

If you were one of the few, the brave, the many who embraced the addition of magic to minecraft in the form of enchantments and potions, then you’ll be thrilled with this new minecraft mod that allows you to cast minecraft magic spells. Like Harry Potter, or any other wizard in history ever.

Elemental Tinkerer contains several new enchanted ores known as Elementium Ore clusters. These are the basis of the old world magic you’ll be rediscovering as you craft your way to magical mayhem. Elementium ores drop elemental gems, which can be used to craft magic items, or smushed together to create decorative blocks. Elemental gems change color over time, sometimes seeming to be nothing but boring brown nuggets, other times sparkling blues and pinks and purples.

Minecraft Real Life Seasons Mod

minecraft real life seasons mod download

This Real Life Seasons mod introduces real world seasons to your game of minecraft. Unlike other seasons mods, which change the color of grass and trees at a somewhat arbitrary frequency either set by the player or the mod itself, the Minecraft Real Seasons Mod changes textures every month, in time with the real life seasons experienced in the real world. This adds greater levels of immersion to the game, as you find your minecraft world evolving and changing just like the real world does.

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