Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Armor! Skyrim TMNT Armor Mod

TMNT armor for skyrim ninja turtles

Heroes in a half-shell!

Want your Argonian Skyrim character to become a teenage mutant ninja turtle? I thought so. The popularity of Argonians is about to go through the roof with this mod that adds Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Armor into Skyrim. (Note, the armor works with all races, but looks just a little silly – which could easily be part of the fun.)

human ninja turtles skyrim

Once you’ve installed the TMNT armor (easily done with the Nexus Mod Manager), you can go to any forge to craft it. Patterns are found in the Daedric armor section, so I hope you’ve leveled your smithing! (It sort of helps that the default dragon bone armor makes a player look a lot like Shredder.)

How To Craft Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Armor

The ninja mask is easily crafted by anyone who wants a little ninja turtle in their lives, requiring just one linen wrap. (Finally! A use for all those linen wraps left in Dragur infested dungeons!)

The turtle armor itself is made from one dragon bone, two dragon scales and a couple of line strips, giving you a use for all those extra dragon bones and scales that inevitably end up cluttering every storage container and surface in Breezehome.

Turtle power!

Download Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Armor for Skyrim!

Sim City 4 NAM 31.1 Mod Released

sc4 nam mod
An update to the very populate Network Addon Mod for Sim City four has been released as of the 17th of April. This new NAM for SC4 fixes several issues that had been plaguing NAM 31, including the crashing that was affecting some players attempting to use the mod.

NAM 31.1 for Sim City 4 is now much more stable, and also includes fixes for SC 4 Transit Stations, Road turning lanes and more.

For those new to the Network Addon Mod, or who would like to know a little more about this player made mod for Sim City 4 which has made the game playable for well over a decade, check out this NAM retrospective.

Sim City 4 NAM mod update download on ModDB

Click here for full information on SC4 NAM 31.1 and download!

Minecraft X Ray Mods

minecraft x ray mod download

A minecraft xray mod is a minecraft add-on that allows the player to see through walls and blocks. This is essentially a cheat mod, and will likely get you banned from multiplayer servers. If you want to use a minecraft x ray mod in single player, then you’ll be able to find ores like diamond, redstone, gold and other precious materials much more easily than you otherwise would.

Minecraft Weather Mod | Minecraft Tornado Mod | Minecraft Wave Mod

minecraft tornado storm mod

This forge compatible minecraft weather mod adds the possibility of tornadoes to minecraft – but that’s just the beginning. With a five stage storm pattern, your world’s weather won’t just alternate between raining and sunshine, it will run the full gamut of weather patterns, from light drizzle to heavy rain and high winds to damaging tornadoes that will send you scuttling for the basement. This minecraft mod will even create waves on oceans and lakes, and if you happen to be at sea when a storm hits – watch out!

Skyrim Fast Horses Mod | How To Speed Up Skyrim Horses

faster skyrim horses

Horses are strange beasts in Skyrim. Unlike in the real world, where the primary advantage of travelling by horseback is a significant speed and stamina boost, in Skyrim the main use of horses appears to be travelling up nearly vertical surfaces. It’s almost as if the horse development team confused horses with laddergoat.

There are a lot of horse mods for skyrim, but if you want a simple mod that just makes the horse run faster, then Faster Vanilla Horses is the mod for you. Faster Vanilla Horses does two things:

Boosts base horse speed to something realistic (and balanced, this doesn’t give you ridiculously overpowered speed of light horses.) 30% is the magic number, if you were wondering just how much faster this mod makes horses.

Extends gallop time. Gallop time is perhaps the most ridiculous thing in the vanilla Skyrim horse experience. Anyone who has ever spent five minutes with a horse knows that their gallop lasts, much, much, much longer than twenty seconds. A well conditioned horse can go at a full gallop for several minutes or even longer. Skyrim horses gallop as if they’re chronic asthmatics who have been doing thing but sitting on the couch eating fast food and chugging soda for the past half-decade.

The saddest thing about Skyrim’s vanilla horses is that they’re pretty much useless. You occasionally get a kick out of seeing one hoof a dragon in the face, but most of the time you can sprint faster than you can ride and as the game goes on, fast travel becomes the travel mode of choice, which really breaks immersion. With faster vanilla horses, you not only enjoy your Skyrim mounts more, you value them more.

The Skyrim Faster Vanilla Horses Mod can be downloaded through the Steam Workshop.

Minecraft Timber! Mod

Timber! is a simple minecraft tree harvesting mod. Break the bottom wood block in a standing tree and all blocks will ‘fall’ – allowing minecraft lumberjacks to finally fell trees the way trees are actually felled – quickly and efficiently. This speeds up tree farming by a factor of between 4 to 10 times and is especially useful when felling giant trees.

This minecraft mod will work with Forge or ModLoader, whichever you prefer.

Download the minecraft Timber! mod!

Skyrim Zombie Plague Mod

skyrim zombie plague mod download

Skyrim doesn’t have enough zombies – but now it does. Gamers dissatisfied with draugur can now add proper shambling undead creatures to Skyrim. What makes this mod worthwhile isn’t the addition of undead. There are plenty of undead creatures in Skyrim already. What makes this Skyrim Zombie mod worthwhile is the SKYRIM ZOMBIE PLAGUE.

That’s right. This mod adds a plague condition which will potentially turn everyone in Skyrim into a zombie. You yourself can be infected with the zombie disease if you are scratched by a zombie. Zombie-itis leads to massive hemorrhaging and resulting bloodloss. As you weaken, the zombie grows stronger. This fate will also befall NPCS attacked by zombies.

This mod is very ambitious, seeking as it does to create a Skyrim in which actions actually matter, changing the world forever. (Even Skyrim’s original developers didn’t bother with that.)

Download the Skyrim Zombie Mod on Nexus!

Or seek it out on the Skyrim Workshop.

The Sims 3 Apartment Mod | Have Multiple Families On One Sims 3 Lot!

sims 3 apartment mod downloadThis Sims 3 mod does what we’ve all dreamed of – it allows you to create multi-story apartment buildings with several different sim families living on a single lot. Now you can control the lives of several families on one lot (although one family can still only be active at a time.)

Skyrim Underwater Treasure Mod

skyrim sunken treasure mod

If you’ve already uncovered all the treasures Skyrim has to offer (including, but not limited to my absolute favorite Skyrim treasure, the Wabbajack,) then you might be ready for the Underwater Treasure mod that adds over fifty new treasure locations to Skyrim. Hone your diving skills and keep your eyes out for these hidden treasures, fifteen of which are hidden underwater, 36 of which are placed casually alongside Skyrim’s many waterways.

Elemental Tinkerer, Minecraft Magic Mod

minecraft fire magic spell

If you were one of the few, the brave, the many who embraced the addition of magic to minecraft in the form of enchantments and potions, then you’ll be thrilled with this new minecraft mod that allows you to cast minecraft magic spells. Like Harry Potter, or any other wizard in history ever.

Elemental Tinkerer contains several new enchanted ores known as Elementium Ore clusters. These are the basis of the old world magic you’ll be rediscovering as you craft your way to magical mayhem. Elementium ores drop elemental gems, which can be used to craft magic items, or smushed together to create decorative blocks. Elemental gems change color over time, sometimes seeming to be nothing but boring brown nuggets, other times sparkling blues and pinks and purples.

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