Skyrim Zombie Plague Mod

skyrim zombie plague mod download

Skyrim doesn’t have enough zombies – but now it does. Gamers dissatisfied with draugur can now add proper shambling undead creatures to Skyrim. What makes this mod worthwhile isn’t the addition of undead. There are plenty of undead creatures in Skyrim already. What makes this Skyrim Zombie mod worthwhile is the SKYRIM ZOMBIE PLAGUE.

That’s right. This mod adds a plague condition which will potentially turn everyone in Skyrim into a zombie. You yourself can be infected with the zombie disease if you are scratched by a zombie. Zombie-itis leads to massive hemorrhaging and resulting bloodloss. As you weaken, the zombie grows stronger. This fate will also befall NPCS attacked by zombies.

This mod is very ambitious, seeking as it does to create a Skyrim in which actions actually matter, changing the world forever. (Even Skyrim’s original developers didn’t bother with that.)

Download the Skyrim Zombie Mod on Nexus!

Or seek it out on the Skyrim Workshop.

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