Project Brazil | Fallout: New Vegas Mod

fallout project brazil mod

Calling Project Brazil a Fallout New Vegas mod is like calling the Pacific Ocean wet. Project Brazil is an entirely new Fallout Game developed by indie developers and modders. Project Brazil contains a new map the size of Fallout 3, thousands of lines of professionally voiced dialog, new quest lines, new characters and a new Fallout experience. And it’s FREE. All you need to play it is a copy of Fallout: New Vegas

Bibliocraft, Minecraft Book and Storage Mod

Bibliocraft Minecraft Mod Download

It’s time to start the print revolution in minecraft. Bilbiocraft takes minecraft publishing to a whole new level, introducing the printing press and changing the way books work forever. Or at least until you uninstall the mod.

Originally little more than a book storage mod, Bibliocraft’s base purpose is to provide you with more places to put your books. The Bilbioocraft bookcase can store sixteen books to a shelf, and the Bibliocraft desk can store nine books. (more…)

Skyrim Ocarina of Time Mod

skyrim ocarina of time mod

Ever wish you could just take a moment away from slaying dragons and play your Ocarina? This Skyrim mod adds a functional Ocarina from the Zelda series.

Ocarina Powers

Play any of the songs below, located in the ‘powers’ tab to get the following effects:

*Epona’s Song- Calls ‘Epona’. Makes your horse come to you, or summons one if you’re temporarily in between horses.
*Goron Lullaby- Makes hostile mobs and people chill out and stop attacking you.
*Saria’s Song- Musters animal mobs and turns them into a feral army fighting on your side.
*Song of Healing- Out of health, magicka or stamina? Not anymore!
*Song of Storms- The song of storms creates a thunderstorm. The cold won’t be good for the crops. Never is.
*Song of Time- Slow time and take it easy.
*Sun’s Song- Turn those gray skies blue – oh and kill any undead creatures nearby.
*Zelda’s Lullaby- Open any lock in the game. Any lock at all. For ten seconds.

Skyrim Enemy AI Mod | Smarter Skyrim Enemies

skyrim harder enemies mod

If you’ve ever felt that the mobs in Skyrim were just a little too stupid for their own good, then this mod will provide you with the challenge you’ve been seeking. Instead of sort of vaguely flailing at you when you’re in range, Skyrim enemies will now use a greater range of weapons, strikes and spells against you. Ever found it strange how a high level magic foe would only, say, blast you with ice for a little bit whilst you went choppy chop with your OP chopper? Well now you’ll find yourself taking the brunt of a full range of spells and attacks. Much like you did in the infamous Oblivion Arena of yore.

Check out the Enhanced Enemy AI Mod on Skyrim Nexus!

Minecraft Backpack Mod | Minecraft Better Storage

minecraft backpacks

Minecraft’s storage options were expanded slightly with the addition of the Ender Chest, but given that an Ender Chest requires eight pieces of obsidian and an eye of ender, they’re not terribly useful during the opening stages of a game of minecraft. Better Storage is a mod that greatly expands the storage capacity and capabilities of even the most average minecrafter.

How To Make A Minecraft Backpack

Backpacks are by far the best part of the Better Storage mod. With a backpack, your walking storage is expanded by a factor of two. In other words, you can carry twice as much stuff. Backpacks are ‘worn’ in the chest armor slot, but who needs armor when you’re carrying enough cobble to create a fortress at the hiss of a creeper?

Sim City Modern Bus Mod Download

sim city modern bus mod

A remodel for Sim City buses, this mod changes the Sim City bus model to a more modern aesthetic. These modern buses come in seven colors, including white. You can choose which buses will be used in your game. If you like a green bus line, then you can choose the lime green buses, if you like the clean white, then stick with the basic model. There’s a veritable raibow of buses to choose from, each of them with all the features you’ve come to expect from a modern city bus.

Download Sim City Bus Mod!

Sim City Fire Engine Mod

mercedes atego sim city fire engine mod

This Mercedes Atego fire engine mod replaces the generic Sim City fire engine with something a little more sleek and European. There are three versions of this fire engine to choose from, a generic version, one with UK colors and a Dutch striped version, for those of you who wish to create a little slice of the Northern climes in Sim City.

Sim City Mercedes Atego Fire Engine Mod Download

Riverwood Pet Shop | Skyrim Pet Mod

skyrim pet baby dragon mod

Have you ever thought Charuses were kind of cute when they weren’t slicing through your steel armor with their mandibles? Ever wanted one as a pet? The Riverwood Pet shop will provide you with an adorable Chaurus named Cheerio. Cherio will fight loyally by your side, striking heart into the fears of anyone who doesn’t like creepycrawlies.

But the best pet in the Riverwood Pet Shop, by a country mile is the pet baby dragon, Aragorn. Aragorn can’t fly yet and sometimes he has trouble following you on account of his unweildy body and wings, but Aragorn will destroy anyone who dares come near you quite effectively. In fact, you can probably turn your game of Skyrim into a butterfly hunting expedition with no concern for your own personal safety.

These pets and their vendor can be found at the little pet shop just outside Riverwood.

To get this mod and your own pet dragon, search ‘Riverwood Pet Shop‘ in the Skyrim Workshop.

Minecraft Green Thumb Mod | Minecraft Horticulture Mod

minecraft green thumb mod

For a game of survival, vanilla minecraft is still fairly light on things you can grow. Sure there’s a bunch of stuff you can shove in the ground and wait for, but any gardener worth their salt will tell you that there’s more to growing trees and edible vegetables than just smushing bits of plant into the soil.

This mod allows you to do all sorts of things a real green thumb person can do – like seed minecraft grass from a block of dirt. All it takes is four pieces of bonemeal and four seeds and baby, you got yourself a lawn going. The mod also adds the ability to craft mycelium blocks which are usually only found in incredibly rare mushroom biomes. To craft a mycelium block you need four bonemeal, two crushed red mushrooms and two crushed brown mushrooms. (more…)

Minecraft Knight and Archers and Jet Pack Mod

jetpack armor knight

(This image isn’t from the mod, it’s from an Android game named Jetpack Knight. Just because.)

The Knight and Archers mod adds two new hostile NPC mobs to minecraft. It also adds a jet pack. Seriously. A minecraft jetpack, to go with the Knight and Archer theme, because when I think medieval combatants, I also immediately think jet packs. So do you. So does everyone. So basically, the premise of this mod is that there are basically six new highly powered mobs that will attack you more or less on sight, and to escape them, you have a jet pack. It’s pretty much the best and most coherent idea for a minecraft mod ever.

Check out Vikydrone’s MORE KNIGHT AND ARCHER MOD!

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