Immersive Beds, Skyrim Sleeping Mod

skyrim sleep mod download

Are you tired of the Skyrim world fading to black every time you go to sleep? Wish that sleep was more realistic? With the Immersive Beds mod, you’ll get to see your character actually lay down and go to sleep – not to mention wake up. Players can choose to sleep in their armor if times are dangerous, or to get comfortable and remove weapons, helmets and boots. It is also possible to sleep in normal street clothes, which is a level of comfort not afforded to the average Dovahkiin. If you are married in Skyrim, it is also possible to have your husband or wife come to bed and go to sleep with you. Aw. How sweet.

Check out the Immersive Bed mod and get your Skyrim character off to a more realistic and restful sleep!

Sim City Train Mod Download

sim city train mod download

This Sim City Train Mod transforms regional trains into VIRM trains, famous Dutch trains. It isn’t a reskin so much as a whole new 3D model which replaces the default Sim City Regional trains.

Download this Sim City Train Mod Skin!

Minecraft Oculus Rift Mod | Minecrift | Minecraft Virtual Reality

A minecraft mod compatible with the Oculus Rift headset to allow users to step inside the world of minecraft. Oculus Rift is a 3D virtual reality headset. Wikipedia describes it as a “high field of view (FOV), low-latency, consumer-priced virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD).” Oh. My. God.

Sim City Service Roads Mod

sim city service road mod download

The Sim City service roads mod adds service roads to the main road menu, so you can create a separate but connected network for freight vehicles. These roads usually unlock with the Oil Well, but with this mod installed you can use service roads from the very beginning to enable freight trucks to travel in and out of your city. This provides an advantage for Industry, which can often start to fail if congestion means that freight trucks cannot leave or enter the city. Use service roads in conjunction with the Trade Center to facilitate quick and easy earnings from your freight!

Download the Sim City Service Roads Mod!

Oblivinauts, A Skyrim Modular Mini Game

oblivinauts skyrim mod download

Oblivinauts is a mod which effectively re-engineers Skyrim, adding new maps, new stories and many new quests to the game. When you play Oblivinauts, you’re no longer playing Skyrim. Tamriel has gone away to be replaced with something much more interesting. (And let’s face it, once you’ve lived through one dragon attack at Helgen, you’ve lived through them all.) Oblivinauts bills itself as a modular mini game. It uses the .esp mod file system to create an entire new game experience for players who are tired of Skyrim’s snowy wastelands.

Skyrim Water Walking Boots (Zelda’s Hover Boots In Skyrim)

skyrim water walking boots mod download

What’s more useful than a pair of boots? A pair of boots that allows you to walk on water, of course! These water walking boots for Skyrim are based on the boots from the Zelda franchise. The only difference? They look like proper Nord boots, not like Zelda boots. These enchanted Skyrim boots give you water walking powers, as well as reduce fall damage and muffle movement. The perfect boots for a budding sneak thief!

Download Hover Boots for Skyrim!

Skyrim Playable Werebear Mod

skyrim wearbear mod

Do you wish you could play as one of the werebears from the Dragonborn DLC? Who doesn’t right? Werebears are dangeroys and befanged, with all the remorseless power of a bere, combined with human intelligence. They are nothing like Care Bears (although a Skyrim Care Bear mod is something I would pay money to see.)

Skyrim Werewold / Werebear Virus Outbreak!

The Moonlight Tales mod not only adds playable wearbears to the game, it also adds several new werewolf skins and a bunch of new werebeast mechanics to the game. With this mod, you can bite NPCs and turn them into werecreatures. Bite any NPC and they will become infected with either Sanies Lupinus (the werewolf disease) or Sanies Ursius (the werebear disease). After three days of festering, they will become a werecreature capable of turning other NPCs into were creatures as well.

My People, Minecraft People NPC Mod Download

Perhaps you want to raise your own new people in minecraft, people who will be your friends, but aren’t actual humans. A genetically engineered egg spawns minecraft clones of yourself. You must raise your new pet person to adulthood, at which point they can be sent out to do a variety of minecraft tasks. Raise an army of followers to march across the plains, or send your minions out to hunt mobs for you.

Minecraft Guard NPCS

The my people mod allows you to have your own guards, so your castle doesn’t have to be so empty and defenceless. Set individual people to defend and guard certain positions. They can be given armor to wear, and will automatically equip armor when they pick it up.

Shut Up Advisors, Sim City 4 Adviser Muting Mod

sim city 4 advisor mod Are you tired of your Sim City 4 advisers constantly harassing you with so called ‘advice’ that is at best useless and at worst, damaging?

Shut Up Advisors is a Sim City 4 mod which silences the most annoying advisers. Ironically, the traffic adviser is one of the ones you get to keep – mostly because he does his job with a semblance of ability.

The Finance Minister will no longer bother you with messages regarding the impending financial doom of your city.

The Safety Minister will no longer extol the virtues of fire and police services – because you don’t need them anyway!

You will still get warnings when something actually bursts into flames, or in the case of pipes, actually just bursts.

Download this Sim City 4 Advisor Mod!

Sim City Region Building Mod Download

build sim cities outside city boundaries mod

If you want to build outside Sim City’s tiny 2k city limits, you can do so with this mod pack, that allows roads, ploppable buildings and more Sim City items to be placed *gasp* in barren region land! (I do so loathe the term ‘ploppable’, although I suppose it does somewhat evoke the spirit of this incarnation of the Sim City series.)

Read more!

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