Minecraft Wasteland Mod | Mo’ Deserts, Less Water

minecraft wasteland mod download

Green trees, blue water and sheep cheerfully trampling crops. That’s what we’ve come to expect from minecraft. Maybe a swamp if things really go bad. We never saw Wasteland coming, did we? And why should we? Mojang have been hard at work creating new biomes for the past year or so, but there are still some biomes that even they are afraid to create – like desolate deserts where nothing spawns and life is choked out by the oppressive red sky.

The Sims 3 Alchemy Mod | More Potions For Sims 3

sims 3 potion mod

If you have an alchemist sim but have run out of interesting and useful potions to make, good news! This mod adds eight new potions to The Sims 3, all of which can be made by an alchemist sim. All of these potions require the Supernatural expansion pack, some also require the Pets expansion pack. Some require World Adventures, but if you loathe World Adventures, there is an alternate version that changes potion ingredients. Recipes for these potions can be purchased from the book store.

Some of these potions are mildly useful, like the penicillin potion which can be used to both immunize and cure sick sims.

Other potions include:

Celebrity Potions (one to increase celebrity levels, another to remove a sim’s celebrity status altogether – a brilliant way to bring an uppity celebrity down a notch or six.)

Ghost Potion

Alien Potions. (One to turn a normal sim into an alien, another to ‘cure’ a sim of being an alien.)

Unicorn Potion turns a horse into a unicorn.

Resurrection potion overcomes sim death.

Check out this Sims 3 Alchemy Mod!

Pit Fighters: Skyrim Arena Mod Download (Oblivion Arena)

skyrim arena mod download

Anybody who loved visiting The Arena in Oblivion and therefore fondly remembers becoming a Pit Dog will love this mod, which adds a new faction you can join (much like The Dark Brotherhood or The Companions). The Pit Fighters were once well paid gladiators, but as there are no official arenas in Skyrim, they have been left to their own devices and now scrap in underground tournaments to earn coin.

If you’ve been missing an Arena and gladiator system like the desert misses the rain, then this is the mod you’ve been waiting for. Join the Pit Fighters and travel around all of Skyrim, besting challengers and climbing up the ranks to become a Legend of Gladiatorial Combat.

This fully voiced acted mid is the mod you’ve been waiting for ever since you realized that the Nords just didn’t understand the beauty and challenge of fighting TWINS!

Get the Skyrim Pit Fighters Oblivion Style Arena Mod!

Skyrim Additional Music Mod

skyrim music mod

If you’re sick of the stock standard Skyrim music (much of which appears to have been not very subtly lifted from Fallout) then this mod will soothe your ears and get your blood pumping as you slay dragons, brigands and whoever else gets in your way.

The Skyrim Additional Music Mod on Skyrim Nexus


Get it on the Steam Workshop

How To Marry Serana | Skyrim Marriage Mod Download

marriageable serana modEver wished you could marry the charming vampire princess, Serana? Well now you can take your favorite Dawnguard follower and make her your bride with this mod from C0drm0nk33. For the moment Serana will only live in Dawnguard Keep or Castle Volkihar, but that’s better than nothing. Of course, like other marriageable Skyrim ladies and gents, you’ll have to impress your future bride first. Serana will only respond to your wearing the Amulet of Mara once Harkon is dead and her mother can return to Volkihar. This mod is downloadable both through Skyrim Nexus and through the Steam Workshop, so installation is a breeze.

Get the Marriagable Serana Skyrim Mod!

Top of the Mods Launches!

Top of the mods has now launched, with a bunch of great mods for Minecraft, Skyrim and The Sims 3!

Mods include:

Sims 3 Mods

The Moar Interactions Mod for Sims 3
The Gardener Hire Mod for Sims 3

Minecraft Mod Packs

Minecraft Tekkit Mod Pack
Minecraft Voxel Box Mod Pack
Minecraft YogBox Mod Pack
Minecraft Feed The Beast Mod Pack
Minecraft Power Pack Mod Installer

Skyrim Mods

Sky UI Skyrim Mod
Better Map Skyrim Mod
Ultimate Follower Overhaul Skyrim Mod

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