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There once was a dragonborn who lived in a tree… this is a Skyrim tree house mod. Because in Skyrim nothing climbs besides the Dovahkiin. (Unlike the infamous laddergoat, who has no direct relevance here, but should be mentioned as often as possible.)

For the Dovahkiin tired of living in Whiterun or the other Skyrim cities, and for whom chasing down bits of wood and iron to put together a house on some forsaken (often giant infested) patch of land, doesn’t sound like fun, there is a Hermit Tree house that can be added to the game.

Handily located north of Riverwood, the Hermit’s Tree House allows for palatial views of Skyrim, in fact, if you’ve already bought in Whiterun, you might be able to see your other house from there.

skyrim tree house mod

Impressive new Skyrim house features include:

  • The ability to look out the window! Unlike other houses, which entomb you in some sort of alternate universe where the outside world fades away, you can look out of the window in the Hermit’s Tree House and see what is going on outside.
  • A tanning rack.
  • Wood chopping block.

Does not include:

  • Smelter
  • Forge
  • Beehive
  • Garden
  • Stables


Because this is a tree house. When was the last time you saw a tree with a forge stuck in it, hmm? How would molten coals work in a tree? (Actually, for that matter, how on earth does Warbear’s store not burn down every other day?)

How To Install The Skyrim Tree House

This mod is available directly from the Steam workshop, so installation is super easy, just click the pretty green subscribe button and the next time you load Skyrim, files for the Hermit’s tree house will be downloaded. Once you’ve loaded your game, the Hermit’s Tree house will appear as a ‘fast travel’ enabled destination.

Click here to become a hermit! (And live in a Skyrim Tree House)

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