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Modders love taking games and putting them into other games, and Zelda, being one of the most popular and well loved games of all time, is a natural fit for the Elder Scrolls, which is also one of the most popular and well loved games of all time. Although in a completely different sort of way. If you love both games, well, it’s about time you paid a visit to Clock Town, Skyrim style.

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This Zelda for Skyrim mod adds a whole bunch of locations from the Majora’s Mask game into Skyrim. Of course, one can’t have a giant angry looking moon hanging over Whiterun, so the Majora’s Mask locations can be accessed through a portal near Falkreath. The modder in charge of this project is painstakingly recreating all the locations from Majora’s Mask through that portal, so yes, you’ll be able to run around in a Skyrim Clocktown (probably minus the annoying aggressive dogs.)

This is a very ambitious project, and as at the time of writing it is still very much in the early stages. Currently included in this mod:

Clock Town with: Milk Bar, Lottery Shop, Swordsman’s School, Stock Pot Inn, Mayor’s Residence, Observatory Path, Laundry Pool, Post Office, Trading Shop
Great Bay Coast
Mountain Village
Goron Village
Termina Field
Milk Road
Gorman Track
Ikana Canyon
Inside of (angry) Moon

Excited yet?

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