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tropical skyrim mod

If you think Skyrim needs a few dinosaurs to deal with the dragons, then the Tropical Skyrim mod is the mod you absolutely need to download, this very minute. Tropical Skyrim turns the snow capped mountains of Skyrim into tropical jungle terrain, a much more pleasant and temperate place in which to adventure, certainly.

skyrim dinosaurs

In addition to the dinosaurs which roam Skyrim when the tropical Skyrim mod is activated, there are many more surprises in store. Consider, for instance, the troll become ape. Who would not prefer to face an enraged gorilla rather than do battle with a one eyed snow beast barely distinguishable from the terrain around it? Skyrim’s deadly bears have also seen a makeover in this mod, and they have become pandas. Deadly pandas, but still, pandas.

If the terrain is what most interests you, allow me to assure you that you will be shocked and amazed by what Skyrim has become. With scorching deserts and balmy jungle wilds, sandy beaches and lava spewing volcanoes, Skyrim has become a much more cheerful, if no less dangerous, place to spend some time. The mod does not affect game play much at all, you’ll still have the Thalmor to deal with and the Jarl of Whiterun is still going to be in a nasty bind.

This is a Nexus mod, so it can be installed using the Nexus Mod Manager, which I highly recommend if you are in the mind to start messing with Nexus mods. The mod manager ensures a clean and easy install and uninstall process and takes a great deal of the hassle out of modding Skyrim. This particular mod, being a very far-reaching remodeling of much of Skyrim’s terrain, beasts and even many fabrics (fur armor has been replaced with leopard skin in many places). It is therefore recommended that you uninstall other mods before loading this one to avoid the inconvenience that a mod conflict creates.

Download Tropical Skyrim Mod!

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