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In spite of the impressive graphics Skyrim boasts, somehow every Skyrim character you generate seems to look like the same person. This is especially true in the Nord, Breton, Redguard (human races.) The Skyrim Race Menu allows you to customize your character’s appearance with much more specific controls, so you can make your Skyrim character look like you want it to look. You can now perhaps resurrect some of your old favorites from Oblivion and Morrowind. (That would be amazing, wouldn’t it? An Oblivion character importer?)

At any rate, this Skyrim Character Customization mod gets you some of the way. Race Menu Mod features include:

  • All hair colors now possible on any race. (So your Nord can now bear stunning pink and purple ombre locks if you like.)
  • Loads/Saves settings when re-opening the menu. Handy!
  • Basic plugin interface. (So other players can create their own character customizing mods.)
  • Controller support.
  • Works with any race, including custom races.
  • Multi-warpaint support.
  • Custom warpaint.
  • Display racial skill bonuses.
  • Adjust player height.
  • Adjust player bicep size.
  • Adjust player glute size.

So essentially, this mod puts back in some of the options that were available in the Elder Scrolls: Oblivion character customization settings, whilst adding in new body shaping options, so you can have a slim elf or a heavy set Nord or anything in between. The Race Menu mod frees you to make characters look like you want them to look, instead of how Bethesda imagine them to look. (Apparently Bethesda are fans of very small gene pools and limited phenotypes. At the time of writing, the default character customization menu makes you feel as if your character comes from some unspeakably tiny gene swarm, as if there might only be a handful of breeding pairs left in all of Skyrim. Intentional conversational subtext, or something more sinister?)

All that aside, if you want to download the Skyrim Race Menu mod, just click the link below.

Skyrim RaceMenu Mod

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