Skyrim Playable Werebear Mod

skyrim wearbear mod

Do you wish you could play as one of the werebears from the Dragonborn DLC? Who doesn’t right? Werebears are dangeroys and befanged, with all the remorseless power of a bere, combined with human intelligence. They are nothing like Care Bears (although a Skyrim Care Bear mod is something I would pay money to see.)

Skyrim Werewold / Werebear Virus Outbreak!

The Moonlight Tales mod not only adds playable wearbears to the game, it also adds several new werewolf skins and a bunch of new werebeast mechanics to the game. With this mod, you can bite NPCs and turn them into werecreatures. Bite any NPC and they will become infected with either Sanies Lupinus (the werewolf disease) or Sanies Ursius (the werebear disease). After three days of festering, they will become a werecreature capable of turning other NPCs into were creatures as well.

Skyrim Were-Followers

It is also possible to infect followers with the were-virus. You can ask them to drink a potion that will turn them from Nord to Were creature, and afterwards you will be able to ask them to transform whenever you like. Your were-follower can be told to transform whenever you do, or can be manually controlled.

These are just a few of the features of this mod, which represents a complete overhaul of the Skyrim Werebeast system. From new skins to new options, to a plague of werewolves o’er the land, anyone who was initially excited to join the companions only to find their lycanthropic powers somehow lacking will love this mod.

Download Moonlight Tales, Skyrim Werebeast Mod from the Skyrim Nexus!

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