Skyrim Ocarina of Time Mod

skyrim ocarina of time mod

Ever wish you could just take a moment away from slaying dragons and play your Ocarina? This Skyrim mod adds a functional Ocarina from the Zelda series.

Ocarina Powers

Play any of the songs below, located in the ‘powers’ tab to get the following effects:

*Epona’s Song- Calls ‘Epona’. Makes your horse come to you, or summons one if you’re temporarily in between horses.
*Goron Lullaby- Makes hostile mobs and people chill out and stop attacking you.
*Saria’s Song- Musters animal mobs and turns them into a feral army fighting on your side.
*Song of Healing- Out of health, magicka or stamina? Not anymore!
*Song of Storms- The song of storms creates a thunderstorm. The cold won’t be good for the crops. Never is.
*Song of Time- Slow time and take it easy.
*Sun’s Song- Turn those gray skies blue – oh and kill any undead creatures nearby.
*Zelda’s Lullaby- Open any lock in the game. Any lock at all. For ten seconds.

This isn’t just a cute gimmick of a mod, it actually adds quite a lot of functionality to the game. It’s essentially a cheat mod masquerading as a musical instrument. Having your Ocarina equipped will allow you to slow time, open any lock, insta-kill the undead, summon your horse and turn peaceful villagers into your own band of mercenaries.

That’s the good news. The even better news, or perhaps worse news, if you were hoping to install this mod and find the Ocarina sitting in your inventory, is that the Skyrim Ocarina is a craftable item which requires Arcane Blacksmithing to make.

Or, if you flat out refuse to level smithing just so you can prance around playing magical songs that slay the undead, console command “player.additem 00104e07 1” will do the trick. (Leave out the “‘s)

Check out the Ocarina of Time mod on the Steam Workshop! (Easily install this mod by visiting the mod page in your steam client and hitting the ‘subscribe’ button.)

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