Hearthfire Building Supplies Vendor Mod

skyrim building supplies npc mod

This Skyrim mod for the Hearthfire expansion pack adds an NPC vendor dedicated to selling building supplies. Designed to stop you from having to travel all over Skyrim just to build a simple house, the vendor, Arythus, can be found in The Sleeping Giant Inn during normal business hours (the hours of 7 am until 8pm). Arythus sells all the materials you need to build a house, including nails, glass, hinges, locks, and even raw materials like iron.

The Hearthfire Building Supplies vendor’s complete inventory includes:

40 x Clay, Iron Fittings, Locks, Glass, Hinges, Goat Horns, Straw, Corundum Ingots, Iron Ingots.

100 x Nails.

The prices on all these items are eminently reasonable, and far cheaper than those found elsewhere in Skyrim (heartbroken Arythus just wants to sell them in order to move on with her life. It’s hard enough for a widow to make her way in Skyrim without having to carry the equivalent of an entire builder’s yard with her wherever she goes. By buying her wares, you’re carrying away some of her burdens, and giving her the coin to make a fresh start somewhere nice, like Imperial City, perhaps. For just 1300 gold coins, you can be the proud owner of her entire inventory – cheap at twice the price, my friend, especially when one considers that these aren’t just trinkets and odds and ends, but the very materials with which to build a sturdy Nord home!

For the first time Skyrim Home Builder, this is a very useful mod. Finding all the items you need in any one given place is impossible, and even with fast travel enabled quickly becomes a very tedious fetch quest (and that’s not taking into account the occasional giant who decides to set up shop by your front door, or the bandits who come sniffing around your half finished homestead.)

This mod is available for subscription via the Steam Workshop. Learn more about the Hearthfire building supplies mod here!

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