Shut Up Advisors, Sim City 4 Adviser Muting Mod

sim city 4 advisor mod Are you tired of your Sim City 4 advisers constantly harassing you with so called ‘advice’ that is at best useless and at worst, damaging?

Shut Up Advisors is a Sim City 4 mod which silences the most annoying advisers. Ironically, the traffic adviser is one of the ones you get to keep – mostly because he does his job with a semblance of ability.

The Finance Minister will no longer bother you with messages regarding the impending financial doom of your city.

The Safety Minister will no longer extol the virtues of fire and police services – because you don’t need them anyway!

You will still get warnings when something actually bursts into flames, or in the case of pipes, actually just bursts.

Download this Sim City 4 Advisor Mod!

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