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rise of kings mod

Version 1.2 of Rise of Kings, a mod for Rise of Nations. Though this game was released a decade ago, interest and modding support remains strong, hence the additional release of this update to the original Rise of Kings mod. Features include:

  • Set across three ages that cover the medieval era: The Dark Age (Classical Age), The Castle Age (Medieval Age), and the Imperial Age (Gunpowder Age).
  • Twenty four factions, ranging from the Holy Roman Empire to Armenia to Mongolia
  • A large number of new units, with many new models and animations.
  • A range of mercenaries can be recruited at the Outpost building.
  • The powerful Noble’s Court can research special technologies and train elite warriors.
  • Regional units are shared by multiple nations such as the Muslim Ghazis, Asian conscripts, Germanic feudal retinue and the Scandinavian longships.
  • The castle can train gunpowder units like arquebusiers and bombards.
  • Technology’s importance is increased. For instance, some naval units can only be built if a nation researches a certain government type.
  • A full set of medieval wonders such as the Tower of London and the Hagia Sophia.
  • Population limit increased to 400

Download Rise of Kings 1.2 from MobDB!

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