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Calling Project Brazil a Fallout New Vegas mod is like calling the Pacific Ocean wet. Project Brazil is an entirely new Fallout Game developed by indie developers and modders. Project Brazil contains a new map the size of Fallout 3, thousands of lines of professionally voiced dialog, new quest lines, new characters and a new Fallout experience. And it’s FREE. All you need to play it is a copy of Fallout: New Vegas

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So what’s the deal with this new Fallout story? Well, Project Brazil is set in a new vault which has remained peaceful in the aftermath of events which irradiated much of the land. Vault 18 is a great place to live – and it would have remained a great place to live had it not turned out that one of the inhabitants of Vault 18 is actually a member of the Enclave – the Fallout universes’ resident spies and Machiavellian types allegedly descended from the remnants of pre-war government.

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Project Brazil is ambitious. It doesn’t just take the basic Fallout mechanics and storyline and mess about with them to make something that looks sort of new. It takes those mechanics and creates a new world where your skill choices do more than buff your stats: they change the whole way the game is played. From dialog options to in-game events, Project Brazil is going to have excellent replayability owing to the way the seven main skills affect the game.

Project Brazil is being released in three stages. The first stage is already available to download and play from Nexus Mods

Project Brazil Fallout Mod Download Link

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