Oblivinauts, A Skyrim Modular Mini Game

oblivinauts skyrim mod download

Oblivinauts is a mod which effectively re-engineers Skyrim, adding new maps, new stories and many new quests to the game. When you play Oblivinauts, you’re no longer playing Skyrim. Tamriel has gone away to be replaced with something much more interesting. (And let’s face it, once you’ve lived through one dragon attack at Helgen, you’ve lived through them all.) Oblivinauts bills itself as a modular mini game. It uses the .esp mod file system to create an entire new game experience for players who are tired of Skyrim’s snowy wastelands.

How To Play Oblivinauts

Just install the mod and select ‘New’ from the load menu. When the game begins, you’ll find yourself in a new world with a whole new story to play. Oblivinauts is essentially a new game which uses the Skyrim engine.

What Is Oblivinauts About?

Oblivinauts is still in development at the time of writing, but it draws heavily on the earlier games in the Skyrim series, including Oblivion. Oblivinauts is going to be something of a moveable feast, as downloadable mini-maps will create the capacity for all kinds of new Elder Scrolls stories to be told. Oblivinauts is designed to be a dynamic game, which means you’ll never have quite the same mission or story to play through twice. This is to be achieved by mixing maps and story elements – whether this will result in a truly unique experience for players or more of a ‘radiant AI – all quests are equally meaningless’ effect remains to be seen.

Oblivinauts Character Creation

Say goodbye to Dovahkiin. The character you create in Oblivinauts will be completely unique – a Dremora pulled from the pit / plane of Oblivion. Are you ready to redeem evil? Or will you wreak fresh havoc on an unsuspecting world?

Still curious? Want to keep up with development? The Official Oblivinauts Wiki answers many questions new players might have.

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